10 Effortless Overnight Beauty Tips

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Sometimes being a busy mom can make us fall a little behind when it comes to keeping up with our beauty. We just don’t have time to pamper ourselves like we used to now that we are running around after toddlers, working, cleaning and cooking. But just because we are busy, doesn’t mean that our looks have to suffer. Here are some great overnight beauty tricks to keep up your well maintained look while you sleep at night:


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1. Satin or Silk Sheets

Those cotton pillowcases you have can actually be harming not only your skin, but also to your hair.  Researchers have found that when slept on, cotton pillowcases create pressure on your skin that causes wrinkles. Satin ones, however, do not. Also, the rougher cotton pillow cases tend to cause more breakage on your hair, but silk ones are softer and will help reduce the amount of breakage. Now you have a good reason to indulge in those fancy sheets you’ve been wanting.


2. Softer Feet

If you don’t have time to get a pedicure, you can easily soften up your feet at home overnight. Before you get in bed, massage some vaseline onto your feet, then put some socks on. When you wake up in the morning and take the socks off your soft feet will definitely thank you. They will be less dry and those nasty cracks in your heels will start to heal.


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3. Manicure Treatment

Not only can you get a little pedicure treatment while you sleep, but you can also get a little manicure treatment as well. If you’re nail beds are dry, apply a small amount of coconut oil to your cuticles before you hit the hay. Depending on the amount of oil you put on, you can decide if you want to wear gloves or not. When you wake up, your nail beds will be happy and hydrated.

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