10 Fantastic Fitness Apps

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Do you want to get in shape, but don’t know where to start? Do you know how to initiate your fitness journey, but lose steam after just a few weeks? Would you like to lose weight but have no idea how to keep track of calories, proteins and carbs? Good news mama, because there’s an app for that! In recent years, fitness gurus have taken full advantage of technology and getting fit has never been easier. Your phone, tablet and even wrist watch can be your coach and guide, instead of a pricey personal trainer. We’ve searched the Internet and found a handful of apps that we know will meet your needs. So get downloading and get moving!


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1. Jefit Workout

If you’re looking to get fit through weight training or start body building, Jefit is the app for you. Choose from over 1300 weight training exercises and customize your own workout routines. This app is super user-friendly and also allows you to connect with other friends and hold each other accountable. It’s free, but you can make several in-app purchases for even more features.

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2. Yaye

The main feature of Yaye is the ability to create personalized fitness groups with your family and friends. Set personal goals, then share in your successes through daily updates and photos. You can also choose from a ton of in-app fitness programs, like planking challenges and 30-day fitness plans. Yaye has a built in pedometer, tons of preloaded exercises and much more.

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3. Strava

Do you need some healthy competition to get your juices flowing? Strava is a cycling and running app that lets you set your own routes and compete against friends and pros who ride or run the same routes as you do. You can also participate in monthly challenges, and for a small fee upgrade to Premium where you have even more options to compete with the best of them.

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