10 Perfect Reindeer Food Recipes

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One thing I’m constantly surprised by with having children is that they are hungry all.the.time. Especially when there’s a snack in sight. Previous comments that they don’t want to eat dinner are tossed aside if they spy a bag of goldfish crackers in the cupboard. While it’s definitely not a great parenting strategy to forego regular meals in lieu of crackers, there is something to be said about enjoying a handful of a treats once in awhile. One of the most amazing snacks to ever walk the planet is Puppy Chow. Some people call it Reindeer Food, others know it as Muddy Buddies. Whatever you call it, this cereal-based snack that usually has a combination of peanut butter and powdered sugar is undeniably delicious. There are tons of variations that make it perfect for the holidays, or just a special treat to hide in the back of the pantry to enjoy during nap time. Here are just a few for you to try yourself.


Source: DeliciouslySprinkled.com

1. Sugar Cookie Puppy Chow

Melted almond bark, nonpareil rainbow sprinkles and funfetti cake mixed are combined with Chex cereal to imitate the beloved sugar cookie taste. WIth just 3 ingredients and a 15 minute creation time, we bet you’ll be whipping up this puppy chow for more than just your family parties and get togethers!

This delicious looking treat can be found over at DeliciouslySprinkled.com.


Source: SweetAsACookie.com

2. Cotton Candy Puppy Chow

This pretty blue and pink peppermint flavored puppy chow is perfect for celebrating the holidays. While the peppermint candy oil make take some searching (we recommend Amazon) to find, the light and fluffy feeling we all know and love of cotton candy is felt in this unique take on traditional puppy chow. I’d say this qualifies as reindeer food!

Nab the super detailed instructions for this special chow over at SweetAsACookie.com, as well as tons of additional sweet treat ideas.


Source: MomOnTimeOut.com

3. Reeses’s Muddy Buddies

Reese’s is the name of the game with this version of Muddy Buddies. Peanut butter chips, cups, and minis all make an appearance in this perfect Fall or Halloween-inspired treat. This is a definite must-make for all your peanut butter and chocolate loving friends- especially since no one should treat and eat all this on their own!

Head over to MomOnTimeOut.com for this amazing looking recipe and over 20 more Muddy Buddy ideas!

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