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Despite the morning sickness, weight gain, lack of energy and cankles, pregnancy is so incredibly beautiful. Many women love being pregnant, but some can’t wait for those nine months to be over. Some women love being pregnant so much, they want to capture their pregnancy in the form of a photo shoot. Maybe you’re one of these women. And maybe you know that you want to book a maternity photo session, but you aren’t quite sure what to wear. If you’re planning to have your photos taken in the fall (a gorgeous season for a photo shoot), consider one of these outfit ideas.

Before you start putting your outfit together, keep in mind a few things:

  1. Most photographers suggest wearing solid colors for photo shoots, so stay away from really busy patterns, except in small doses. This also helps keep the focus on you, instead of on what you’re wearing.
  2. Stick to seasonal colors and prints. You want to coordinate with the season you’re in, but also stand out from the background. Incorporating different textures and pops of colors is a great way to achieve this.
  3. Choose clothes that you feel good in, so you’ll be comfortable and confident!

1. Colors & Textures

Fall is great because it’s full of elements that touch our senses- amazing food & drinks, beautiful scenery and light evening breezes are what sum up this season. When it comes to outfits for fall, think about the rich colors that you find in nature, like deep reds, mustard yellow, muted greens and rusty oranges. Incorporate these colors, and combine them with varying textures to create a fabulous fall maternity shoot outfit. Start with a solid, form fitting (yes, show off those pregnancy curves!) dress, top with a denim jacket and add a contrasting colored scarf. Complete the look with a pop of fun leopard ballet flats. You want to make sure you are comfortable, but you don’t have to compromise style.

2. Mostly Monochrome

If bold colors aren’t your thing, and your style is more laid back, you can try a look that is inspired by monochrome. Put on a pair of neutral(ish) colored leggings, top with a tunic in a similar shade, and let the focus of your look be on your hair, makeup and/or accessories. Break up the outfit with some gold or silver (depending on your individual coloring) jewelry and go with a neutral colored ankle boot (keep the heels low). Add drama by creating a bold eye makeup look and toss a Bohemian style floral headband on your head. This is a funky look great for moms-to-be who like a bit of dazzle, but also don’t want anything too flashy.

3. Denim Dress & Deep Red

Bring out the incredible colors of fall by using deep red and a touch of camel for your outfit. Start with a basic denim dress, and then tie everything together by choosing coordinating pieces in red and camel/gold. These are two of the most popular colors for fall, and they help keep your look interesting. The denim will help break up the look and add a hint of contrast. Since many women go with layers during fall, wearing a stylish vest is an easy way to get the layered look while also adding dimension to your outfit.

4. Chic & Casual

When I was pregnant, comfort was really important to me. If you’re all about comfort but you also want to make your photo shoot outfit fun, there’s a simple way to do that. Put on a pair of maternity skinny jeans, pull out a fall colored long sleeve tee and top with a multi-colored scarf. Keep the pop of color going with a contrasting pair of flats and you’re all set! With the amount of colors going on here, keep your hair and makeup simple.

If you like the idea of wearing fall colors, but you aren’t sure which one(s) are the most flattering for you, check out the style website that I recently launched, The Style Spectrum. It focuses on finding the best colors for you based on your individual coloring and body shape. There are lots of other great tips there too, which are sure to help you find the perfect look for your fall maternity photo shoot!

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Leena Kollar

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