10 Precious Handprint Art Ideas

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Many of our sweet memories of our tiny babies involve marveling at how tiny their hands, fingers, feet and toes are. There’s nothing like feeling an entire baby hand wrapped around one of your fingers. While we love watching our babies grow up, it brings some melancholy too because we know they will never be that small again. A wonderful way to preserve some of your blissful memories is to put those kids hands to work by making handprint art! The size of your children’s hands will be preserved at the time they made their artwork, you get to have some cute art to adorn your fridge (or table, wall or apron, as you’ll see) from time to time and they will have fun making them at the same time! Check out our list of a handful of previous handprint art ideas you’ll be sure to love.

12 month of handprint art

Source: EastCoastMommy.com

1. Monthly Themed Art

If you want fresh art to grace the door of your fridge, then create a monthly themed handprint art schedule! Most months have some sort of holiday or season associated with them, so you’ll always have something to work with. Your kids will end up looking forward to their monthly project, you’ll always have something new and you’l be able to see how fast their hands grow from month to month!

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