10 Simple Ways To Combat Sleep Deprivation

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If you are reading this right now, it’s probably 3:00am and you’ve googled “sleep-deprivation.” As a mama I fully understand now what it is like to be exhausted in a whole new way. All those comments people couldn’t help but say while you were pregnant have frustratingly been right on point, and you are in the very real stages of sleep-deprivation. Even though it may seem like nothing but a good night sleep at this point will fix it, there are a few other options that can make even this challenging time a little bit easier.


1. Sleep When The Baby Sleeps

Although this is the most over used and laughable suggestions, it is one of the most beneficial options while in the midst of child-induced sleep deprivation. IF by some miracle you have your baby and any of your other kiddos asleep at the same time, then make sure you take a moment to lay your head down and get some much needed rest. Or, if you simply cant just nap on demand make sure your are being intentional with your baby-free time, whether that is taking a shower, making and getting a chance to eat a healthy meal or setting aside some tasks to finally accomplish un-interrupted. Being intentional with this time will help you feel more productive as less stressed when the baby is awake.


2. Limit Caffeine

I know that most of us sleep deprived mom’s live off some form of caffeine, but in large amounts it is not doing you any favors. Instead make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, nursing mamas this will also help keeping up that milk supply, and keep your caffeine to a minimum. I stick to my morning cuppa coffee or two, and avoid caffeine in the evenings before bed.


3. Go To Bed Early

It may feel silly to be give yourself, a grown woman, a bedtime but how often do we found ourselves wide awake hours after the kids are in bed binge watching our favorite TV shows or catching up on that ever increasing to-do list. As important as it is to have time to yourself know when to call it a night, those night feeds and early morning wake ups will be there before you know it.

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