7 Awesome Printable Cleaning Schedules

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Unlike many people, I actually enjoy cleaning. But now that I’m a wife, mother and work from home employee, I really don’t get to enjoy it all that much because I just don’t have the time. At any given time at least part of my house is dirty and messy, because that’s what happens when you a) have a toddler and b) LIVE IN YOUR HOUSE. Can I get a shoutout for people who have homes that look like people actually live there, and not just a house that’s for show!?

Ok, now that that’s off my chest, I’m going to give you a heads up: your house won’t even be spic and span for more than a few hours when your kids (i.e. minor children + husbands) are home. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in some effort and it doesn’t mean you should live in squalor, waiting for the next mess to make itself. Your cleaning plight must go on. But good news: you can clean a little every day and feel like a competent mom. It might mean there will always be at least one messy place in your house, but it will also mean there will be a clean one too. Check out these awesome (and FREE) cleaning schedules that will help you feel sane and keep that cleaning under control.


Source: ElizaEllis.blogpost.com.au

1. Daily Housework

Let’s start with the hardest method: cleaning all parts of your house everyday.  For some people, this is no big deal because they have the time, maybe just 1 child and their sanity depends on it (this used to be me- Monica Geller style). This is not for everyone, but if it’s for YOU, then you will adore this clear cut printable. It covers every aspect of your home and is customizable.

Head over to ElizaEllis.blogpost.com.au to get your own copy and you’ll also find TONS of other cleaning and organizing advice!


Source: FreebieFindingMom.com

2. Weekly Cleaning

This printable breaks down your cleaning by day, to make things a little more manageable. This list is broken down by areas of your home, so you can just focus on one area at a time. Since you’re doing a small area, it shouldn’t dominate your day and you can get back to the fun stuff!

Check out FreebieFindingMom.com for this free, customizable cleaning schedule and tons of details on cleaning techniques!


Source: CleanMama.net

3. 30  Minute Clean

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a mother like last minute guests. Sure you could rely on your trusty wall art that depicts “don’t mind the mess, my children are making memories” but when it comes down to it, you really do need scrape that old mac n’cheese off the table so guests can sit and relax. Enter Clean Mama’s 30 Minute Company Quick Clean printable. It will make sure you hit all the must-clean spots and all in plenty of time to accommodate your guests.

Get over to CleanMama.net to get your own copy in one of three colors and never fear last minute guests again!


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4. Monthly Cleaning

I LOVE looking at an entire month at a glance so this schedule is right up my alley. I enjoy knowing what to expect and especially the satisfaction of crossing items off my list. The great thing about this printable is it actually comes with 4 pages- 2 pre-filled out (1 for monthly cleaning and 1 for weekly) and 2 blank ones so you can customize. Most of the daily tasks remain the same, but there are once a month cleanings sprinkled in to keep you on your toes!

Check out StrawberryMommyCakes.com for these wonderful printables, and other great ones to get you organized.


Source: SimplyRebekah.com

5. Annual Checklist

I will admit I’m definitely one to buy the pretty version of something, but when it comes to a functional item I just want it to work for me. This annual checklist is function to the core! You can lay out your entire year’s worth of cleaning on one front and backside of paper. No frivolously tossing weekly cleaning lists in the trash! But seriously, you can lay our daily, weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, etc. cleaning tasks and easily keep track of how often you clean out your closets to sweeping under the beds. This is the mother of cleaning checklists!

Visit SimplyRebekah.com to see this list in action and to download your own, fully customizable version.


Source: SimpySaraD.com

6. Pretty Cleaning Schedule

If you could care less about crossing off your cleaning accomplishments, you may like this adorable and stylish cleaning list. You simply put in a frame or on your fridge and use it as a general guide or reminder for what areas to clean around your home. This wouldn’t work for me because I would need more detail, but it’s definitely cute!

Visit SimpySaraD.com for this free printable as well as many more!

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Source: FreshAndOrganized.com

7. 31 Day Cleaning Routine

It’s a great idea to get in the habit of a cleaning routine, that way you will stick to it! This is a great checklist because it breaks down all your major tasks, and you can assign them to members of your family to handle. It takes the monolithic items like deep cleaning and spreads them out so every month you are getting them all done- easy peasy!

FreshAndOrganized.com has this printable and others for all your cleaning and organizing needs.


Source: ScatteredSquirrel.com

8.  Morning, Afternoon & Evening Checklist

Sometimes larger tasks are better achieved when you split them up throughout the day. This checklist easily breaks down your day so you have small victories along the way and don’t feel overwhelmed getting your house in shape. This would be a great list to laminate and check off as you go, especially since it keeps track of daily, weekly and monthly tasks all on one page!

Visit ScatteredSquirrel.com for this printable and others to keep your house in tip top shape!

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