10 Steps Towards An Organized & Clean “Mom” Car

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When you have kids, your car (and life, lets be honest) ceases to become your own. No matter how organized you were pre-children, your car usually ends up the last on your “to be cleaned” list and is a museum of discarded socks, dirty diapers, toys and old food. Sure, some people were never “clean car people,” but that doesn’t mean you have to ride around in a filth wagon. A few weeks ago my husband took a ride in the backseat of this friends car. His friend had kindly removed the car seats so adults could ride in the car, revealing a disgusting assortment of shriveled food and dirt. Needless to say, my husband was grossed out. We have another friend who always refuses to drive a group anywhere because his car is always “a mess.” True, you drive your car and children more than anyone else. But that doesn’t mean you will never have family and friends who will ride with you. You don’t have to have a spotless car, but being organized and food-free is not just a dream. Check out our list of 10 steps you can take to having a clean and organized mom car!


Source: MyLifeandKids.com

1. De-Trash and De-Clutter

That old food, coloring pages from daycare and dirty diapers won’t clean themselves. At the end of every day, “sweep” out the trash from your car. It will take less than 5 minutes, especially if you are consistent. Keep a trashcan in your garage so trash can go right in, and you have no excuses! You can also take advantage of your stops at the gas station and car wash and empty trash while you wait for the pump. Another reason to consider cleaning daily is the risk of getting in to an accident with a garbage filled car. All of those items left lying around could become projectiles that could cause further injury to you and your kids!

If you can relate to the picture above, visit MyLifeandKids.com to see even more messy car AND house pictures!

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