10 Terrific Time Management Tips For The Work From Home Mom

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4. Use Awake Time To Your Advantage

Just like nap time serves as a great time to get work done, the time your child is awake can also be used to your advantage. For example, now that your child is old enough to entertain themselves for 10 minutes without constant supervision, take a shower. Don’t use up nap time to do an activity that can be done when they’re awake, cutting into precious work time. If they have the ability to be quiet, take your work phone calls while they’re awake too. That way, you don’t run the risk of waking them up from a nap!


5. Minimize Distractions

I used to do all my work on the couch (why not take full advantage of being at home, right?) but quickly found out that I was easily distracted by the television. I initially liked just having something on as “background” but would find it took me twice as long to get a task done. You may also need to put your phone away and log out of your social media accounts to avoid getting distracted, especially if you bill your employer by the hour. You should ensure you are not charging for Facebook time!


6. Find Tools That Work For You

Working from home means that you probably rely on technology more than the average employee. You telecommute, handle most work on the Internet and converse via email rather than in person. There are tons of tools that will help you track your time, schedule event, record mileage and even exchange contact info easily at networking events. If you have a need, there’s most definitely “an app for that.”

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