10 Twenty-Minute Chicken Dinners

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I love chicken and I love dinner. But you know what I love the most? Quick-cooking chicken dinners, and I bet you do too! There are few things more frustrating in the kitchen than chicken issues: defrosting it (it NEVER thaws by just putting it in the fridge), waiting for it to bake all the way through when the rest of your meal sits cold, and slicing and poking it multiple times to make sure it’s not raw in the middle. It’s all so time consuming, and that’s why we’ve rounded up some tasty and QUICK dinners involving chicken. Once you’ve got these in your recipe box, you’ll be a happy mama.


Source: TableForTwoBlog.com

1. Teriyaki Chicken & Broccoli

I love one-pan dinners because you don’t have to worry about cooking multiple sides (and cleaning multiple dishes!). This dish uses cubed chicken, which cooks much faster than whole breasts. It also has a healthy service of vegetables that you can pair with a rice or other grain like quinoa. Would you believe you can whip this all up in 20 minutes?!

Get over to TableForTwoBlog.com right away for this amazing recipe!


Source: RealSimple.com

2. Chicken Cutlets With Chickpea & Pesto Salad

The great thing about chicken is that it comes in many shapes and sized. Cutlets are a smaller and thinner cut, and thus cook faster. This is a great dinner because its a healthier version of chicken nuggets, which all kids like! It uses panko breadcrumbs and has a more adult side dish of a chickpea and pesto salad. Delish!

Visit RealSimple.com for this fabulous recipe, along with nearly 20 more twenty-minute dinners.


Source: GimmeSomeOven.com

3. Skinny Honey Lemon Chicken

This looks like a gourmet recipe, but you’re probably surprised to see it on this 20 minute list! It’s a healthy and light dish that even the kids will enjoy because of the balance between sweet and sour. It’s also versatile enough to serve over a number of rices, noodles or grains. Yum!

Check out GimmeSomeOven.com for this tasty recipe, and you’ll find other great dishes and DIY projects too.

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