10 Ways To Style A Chambray Shirt

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One of my favorite articles of clothing in my wardrobe is my chambray shirt. You may call it a denim or utility shirt, but they all mean the same thing- a perfect shirt that can be worn with almost anything! Chambray shirts come in tons of colors, styles and sleeve length and are probably one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can own. If you don’t have one already, I encourage you to get one as soon as possible! There’s a chambray shirt for every budget and it’s a purchase you won’t regret making. You will love the many looks you can put together with such a simple addition to your closet.


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1. With Colored Pants

Whether it’s a brightly colored pant, or a more toned down version, pants in non-traditional colors can be hard to style. A chambray shirt will make it easy, especially with a smart shoe and stylish accessory. The simple denim matches practically any color (stay away from jeans in the same exact shade- hello Canadian tuxedo!) and gives those cheery pants the focus they deserve.

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2. Over A Maxi Dress

Your summer maxi dress can easily be worn well into the fall months by adding a chambray shirt. Knot at the waist to define your curves, and roll at the sleeves for a little extra style. It will keep you warm, but also add some dimension to your outfit.

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3. With Shorts

Even if you don’t have this adorable sleeveless version, a denim shirt pairs perfectly with a summer short. Dress up a pair of solid colored shorts, or tone down your wild-printed ones with a simple chambray and accessories.

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4. Layered With A Sweater

When the weather finally gets a chill, throw on your chambray and toss a roomy sweater right on top. You can never beat the classic look of a dressy collared shirt and sweater duo, especially when pairing it with a fall-colored pant!

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5. With A Skirt

Maxi, tulle, pencil or loud patterns- a chambray shirt pairs perfectly with many skirts. If you’re a skirt lover, you’ll find your chambray shirt is a great match and actually dresses up your outfit, despite being denim.


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6. With More Denim

Be daring and pair your chambray with a coordinating denim bottom. As long as you aren’t sporting a matching set of pants, you should steer clear of a fashion faux pax. Add some contrasting shoes and accessories and you’ll end up with a stylish outfit that highlights your love of denim.

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7. With Leggings

Whether you prefer solid, basic hues or wild and bold prints, nothing pairs better with a pair of leggings (and boots!) then a long chambray. Find a denim shirt in a tunic length, or layer your chambray over a long tank and you’ve got a comfy and stylish outfit.

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8. As A Jacket

Forego the traditional coat or lightweight cardi and use your denim shirt instead. The lightweight fabric is perfect for spring or summer nights.

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9. With White Pants

Nothing says classy like white pants and it’s the perfect match to your chambray. Pair with some metallic jewelry and sandals for an afternoon walking the boardwalk or a dinner out. This outfit can easily be dressed down by some cute white sneakers for a sportier look!

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10. Tied Around Waist

Beat the summer heat, but hang on to that chambray by tying it around your waist.  Not only will this help break up your outfit, but it will define your waist and keep another layer for chilly nights within arms reach.

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