11 Essential Tips For Flying With A Toddler

Traveling with a your kids can be an amazing experience, getting to explore parts of the world with your loved ones and making incredible memories together. However, flying with our precious little ones can be enough to send you into panic mode just thinking about. I’ve flown multiple international flights, alone I might add, and I consider myself a bit of a pro-flyer and wanted to pass on my best flying tips of all of you that are planning to travel with your tot. A lot these tips apply to kids of any age, check them out below.


1. Plan Around Their Sleep Schedule

I know we can’t plan our entire travel plans around our toddlers sleep schedule, but if you can book an nighttime flight, or one near nap time it can really work to your benefit. My toddler was sleeping mostly through the night when we booked an international flight to Europe and I made sure to reserve an evening flight so she would sleep the majority of the time, and it worked like a charm. On the way home our flight was in the afternoon and it was most definitely the most difficult of the two.


2. Check The Stroller At The Gate (For Free)

Most airlines will allow you to check your stroller at gate so you can keep your little one secure until boarding, I highly suggest this. The last thing you want on top of a long flight is to be chasing a wild toddler around the airport for hours before you leave. Just make sure to check your airlines policy on this.


Source: www.ergobaby.com

3. Baby Carrier

You are probably thinking why do I need a baby carrier when my toddler can walk, and even more so if you planning on traveling with a stroller. Well, you know all those times you need two hands, like checking the stroller, grabbing your luggage and going through security? All of that can all be very hard to do while holding a not-so-tiny tot, and even harder do accomplish while trying to stop a mini escape artist, like mine. This is all especially true when traveling alone. Even though my toddler isn’t a fan of the Ergo for long periods of time it was well worth it for those crazy moments when I needed both hands.

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