When I was growing up and attending elementary school, there was no such thing as “nut-free” zone, school, or area of the cafeteria. I never knew anyone with a nut allergy and it wasn’t a topic of conversation amongst parents. Times have changed! Most schools are highly sensitive to serious allergies, especially nuts, because it involves so many food items that can cause deadly results if they come into contact with a child who has allergies. Even children who do not have allergies are required to avoid bringing nut products to school, and that can prove to be an extra challenge for parents as they have to find alternatives to the trust peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We’ve come up with some great options for lunch that are nut-free, but still tasty for the kiddos.


Source: SuperHealthyKids.com

1. Pizza Toast, Carrots, Cucumbers, Hummus & Berries

I don’t know why I never thought of making a simple piece of “pizza” out of some toast, but it’s genius! Toast some bread, then add whatever toppings your kiddos like before tossing under the broiler to melt it all together. Add some healthy fruits and veggies, and much needed protein found in hummus and you have a well-rounded meal right there!

Check out SuperHealthyKids.com for 4 more ideas on nut-free lunches!!


Source: TheKitchn.com

2. Quesadillas & Fixin’s

Instead of trying to come up with 3-5 separate items for lunches, go with a theme that makes it easy to assemble. Quesadillas are great because you can include the quesadilla and then just add fixin’s like guacamole or avocado, chips and some fruit! No nuts required.

TheKitchn.com has this idea and 9 more great ones for both kid and adult lunches.


Source: PracticalMommy.com

3. Ham & Cheese Rollups

Sometimes the kids just want a sandwich, or something like it and that’s where rollups come in. Use a tortilla for a new twist (or roll) on traditional sandwiches by layering out the ingredients, rolling and microwaving to seal the deal. This ham and cheese rollup even looks great for adults, is filling and pairs well with some fruit and carrot sticks!

Head over to PracticalMommy.com for this recipe and other great ideas for the stressed-out mom (which lets by honest, is most of us!).

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