12 Adorable Toddler Girl Hairstyles

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Mothers of little girls often dream of the days when they can start styling their daughter’s hair. If you’re like me, you are 2 years in and just now starting to have enough hair to work with. Conversely, some baby girls are born with more hair that some adult men and can start sporting pony tails and braids by their 1st birthday. One thing is for certain: toddler hair can be difficult to style. When you aren’t dealing with a squirming toddler who won’t sit still, you are battling very uneven and baby fine hair that easily slips out of elastics and bows. Well never fear because we’ve found some adorable hair styles that are perfect for your little girl and will bring some of your hair styling dreams come true.


Source: WeLoveBeingMoms.blogspot.com

1. Twisted Pig Tails

Pigtails are a timeless style for little girls, and one you can never go wrong with. This style puts a twist on your normal piggies, literally. Divide hair using a part down the middle (this mama used a zig zag part for extra pizazz!) and instead of smoothing hair back into pigtails, twist the hair. This would be a great style if your daughter has uneven hair and lots of little wispies!

If you want even more inspiration, head over to WeLoveBeingMoms.blogspot.com to view 29 MORE cute toddler hairstyles. You’ll get great advice from twin mamas on food, family and freebies too!


Source: Babble.com

2. Bohemian Twist

This is a great style that even mom would enjoy for her own hair. It gets all the hair off your toddlers neck and really grabs all their baby hairs. The trick is getting your daughters hair wet before trying this style!

If you want the full how-to on this style, end 9 other toddler styles then head over to Babble.com and TwistMePretty.com!

hair 21 (2)

Source: MakeItCozee.blogspot.com

3. Braid Into Bun

If you want to spice up your normal bun style (assuming your daughter has enough hair to even DO  a bun!) then this is a great way. Add a braid to the underside of the hair by basically performing an upside down french braid. Then just gather all the hair at the top and form into a messy bun.

MakeItCozee.blogspot.com has this and 15 other toddler hairstyles that you don’t want to miss!

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