12 Brilliant Uses For Washi Tape

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Like many creative people, I enjoy taking something average and making it pretty and unique. Thanks to Pinterest, my dreams are often filled with lego shaped jello, melted crayon art and the world’s most delicious cookie recipes (no joke, look up the “iced pumpkin cookies”!). One of the newest crazes to hit the boards of Pinterest and your craft store shelves is washi tape. Washi tape is a thin, adhesive tape made of paper. Really pretty paper. In all sorts of designs that will have you collecting and wanting for more. Constantly. And it’s not just for taping things together. In fact, I’ve actually seen more uses for washi tape that have nothing to do with adhering something than those that do! While there are literally HUNDREDS of ways you can use washi tape, I’ve found some awesome, everyday uses that will make the world around you just a little more beautiful.


Source: Blog.TheLoveNerds.com

1. Organize & Coordinate Your Planner

This is probably the most common use of washi tape for us mamas, because any help we can get in the scheduling department is huge. All you need is whatever paper planner you already use at home, or even your wall calendar if you use that to schedule practices, games and meetings. Identify how many “categories” your family needs and choose 1 color tape for each category. Then just add your washi tape to the calendar day that corresponds to your event!

Head over to Blog.TheLoveNerds.com to get more tips on organizing your life, and tips on marriage, budget, traveling and cooking.


Source: DesignLoveFest.com

2. Wrap Cords

Whether you want to beatify a boring cord or just hate how you have to constantly search for the cord you need amongst a pile of them, using washi tape is going to be a solution to your problem. Simply wrap your washi tape around your cord to create a unique look that will help you find it in a pinch and bring some pizazz to this otherwise boring household item. You can just use 1 tape and wrap all the around, or create a design using multiple patterned tapes.

For more inspiration and a washi tape tutorial on wrapping your own cords, check out DesignLoveFest.com!


Source: SouthernGirlRamblings.com

3. Coasters

Have you ever noticed that whenever you need a coaster you can’t find one? Either your children have started using them as frisbees, you’ve broken one every so often to where you’re down to 1, or they have become forever lost in the crevices of your couch. Regardless, we can all use more coasters! Making your own has never been easier. All you need are some inexpensive tiles that can be found at any home improvement store, washi tape and a clear coat spray. Just wrap your coaster in whatever washi tape pattern you want, spray with a clear coat to give it more water resistance and you’re all set!

SouthernGirlRamblings.com has a great tutorial on making your own coasters as well as great advice on parenting, travel and food.

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