13 Of The Funniest Nailed It Baking Creations You’ve Ever Seen

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It’s hard to not look at a creation that you’re impressed with and hope that you can’t make your own version of it. Last year, Netflix even came out with a show dedicated just to bakers who couldn’t exactly nail perfect replications, appropriately titled, Nailed It!

Sadly, many of us can relate. Because often times, expectations just don’t meet reality!

I’m not very crafty myself, more creative with words and not art, so I’ll be the first to say that I think I’d master a #nailedit as well if I took a stab at any of these creations. Take a look at our collection of the 13 funniest nailed it baking creations you’ve ever seen…(and if you haven’t checked out the series yet on Netflix, you should!)

1. Rubber duckies gone horribly wrong…

2. Move over, Sonic. There’s a new hedgehog in town…

3. Poor little Groot!

4. They may want to rebuild this snowman…

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Modi Ramos

Modi Ramos

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