15 Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew Existed

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I love that there are so many creative people in the world. Not only are we surrounded by gorgeous art and beautiful music on a daily basis, but we are so blessed with amazing entrepreneurs who come up with some of the most genius gadgets we’ve ever seen. And I, for one, am a sucker for kitchen gadgets. Since most of us have a love hate relationship with our kitchens, then why not add a little more joy and excitement to the mix by getting your hands on some fabulous contraptions that will make you life a little easier! We’ve found some of the most interesting and useful kitchen gadgets we’ve ever seen, and we think you’re going to love them!


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1. Citrus Sprayer

Ever have a meal that needs a fine mist of some lemon juice, like fish? Or maybe you like to use natural juices to flavor your salads? Well the citrus sprayer is the answer to your problem! Simply cut the top of any of you favorite citrus fruit and insert the sprayer. You’ll be surrounded by a fine mist of orange or lemon in no time! This particular sprayer comes with two attachments to accommodate up to a grapefruit!


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2. Cake Lifter

Have you ever tried to move a small cake from one place to another, or add another layer to a multi-tiered cake? It’s virtually impossible to move without damaging your cake! Well, this cake layer has your back. With it’s 8 inch width and chisel edge feature, you’ll be safely transporting cookies, cakes and any other baked good in one piece. No more cracked cakes!


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3. Food Decorating Pen

I’m no professional baker, but I like a beautifully decorated cake or cookie now and then when I can. I’m usually hindered by my unsteady hand, but no more! This food decorating pen is going to make an artist out of even the most unskilled mother. It’s an inexpensive tool that is must easier to use than a pastry bag or cutting the end off a ziplock baggie filled with frosting. You simply add your frosting into the pen’s compartment and then get artistic. You will seriously wow your friends and family with little effort!

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