15 Perfect Quiet Time Activities For Toddlers

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As babies grow into toddlers, they become infinitely more clever and aware of the world around them, which makes getting them to take those much-needed afternoon naps almost impossible. As toddlers are naturally inquisitive and active, it can be challenging to get them to transition from sleeping during the afternoons to spending those hours doing quiet time activities. While plopping them in front of the tv with a nice snack is certainly an option, there are also tons of awesome activities that help foster independence and succeed in teaching them great problem solving skills. From interactive puzzles to quiet books, these unique quiet time activities will make your little one’s transition a blast!


Source: andnextcomesl.com

1. Mix & Match Creature Blocks

Draw up some awesome animated robot and monster parts on various colorful pool noodles. The mixing and matching will allow your child to express themselves in a super fun way. To make things even more interesting, create the blocks using characters from their favorite tv shows, movies, or books!

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2. I Spy Bag

This genius I Spy bag puts any old picture book to shame! Simply gathering a few fun, miscellaneous items and placing them in a pencil case alongside a healthy dose of Poly-Fil Poly-Pellets, you can create a 3-D game that is incredibly fun and interactive.  Tip: Clipping a clear, printed photo of the items in the bag also allows your child to easily identify and cross items off of the list.

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3. Toddler Shapes Activity Book

This helpful printable booklet acts as a quiet time activity and as a fantastic learning tool for toddlers at the same time! The extremely helpful guide on the last page is great for teaching toddlers the names of common shapes and the rest of the book, outfitted with corresponding colorful cutouts, is an awesome way for them to match and learn on their own. Laminating the printables is a must to prevent tearing and stains, also, carefully placing them in a binder or folder is a great way to prevent loss and ensure accessibility.

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