20 Awesome Projects For Your Laminating Machine

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Once you become a mother, you may be surprised at the types of purchases that excite you. Bleach pens for tough stains, new carseats, and diapers that were on a crazy sale are things that your single friends just don’t understand. Because when you’re a mom, things that serve a purpose are purchases worth making. While the idea of something as functional as a laminating machine may sound like a questionable purchase, I’m here to show you differently. This past month, I received this one as a birthday gift and I can’t even tell you how excited I was to get laminating. There are hundreds of ways you can put a laminating machine to good use and once you see it for yourself, you’ll be placing your order before you can say “laminate!”


1. Baby Mementos

From the moment you come home from the hospital, you will have tons of baby bracelets, cards from floral arrangements, signs from their crib and much more to cherish. Tossing them in an envelope, drawer or loosely in their baby book doesn’t guarantee their safety! Throwing them through a laminator will help preserve them from unnecessary wear and tear and make sure your memories are kept alive for years to come.


2. Kids Artwork

While you can’t keep every doodle and drawing your kids make, there are some that you can’t let go of. Laminate some of your favorites and it will keep them fresh from wrinkling or folding. Because they will be more durable, you can even hang them yearly to serve as holiday decorations!


Source: GreenChildMagazine.com

3. Weekly Menu Planner

Planning a weekly menu is a goal for many moms, but it can become tedious. Make it one step easier by printing a master weekly menu planner and laminating it! Then all you need is to use a dry erase marker to write down your meals and then you can reuse again and again. No need to keep printing it over and over.

Be sure to visit GreenChildMagazine.com for a free printable for meal planning and other info on Green Child Magazine, family fun and much more.

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