20 Things That Make Moms Happy

20 Things That Make Moms Happy

As moms, we work everyday to make our kiddos happy and to give them a wonderful childhood. We act selflessly and give until it hurts. Then we give some more. We rock, bounce and sing even though our bodies are exhausted.We sit in the blistering heat and freezing cold watching soccer, baseball and every other kind of sport cheering until our voice are hoarse. It’s all worth it, and we would do it all over again. Because seeing our kids grow and thrive is incredible. But there is also many things that make us happy. Let us know if any of these sound familiar.


1. Fresh Brewed Coffee

Hello, caffeine. Nothing beats a steaming hot cup of Joe.

2. Baby Smiles

Those first sleepy newborn smiles, and giant gummy grins. They are the greatest. All of them.

3. Hugs

Nothing centers me more than a sweet hug from my kiddo.

4. Being Appreciated

A few kind words, a pat on the back, a nice card. Moms love to be appreciated and told we’re doing a good job.

5. Seeing Our Children Thrive

The proud factor is off the charts. That’s my kid reciting the alphabet at 18 months.

6. Five Minutes of Peace

Even if it’s hiding in the closet to get it.

7. Wine O’Clock

Or beer, or Gin & Tonics, we don’t judge on your drink of choice.

8. Peeing Alone

Privacy. Never would I thought that getting to do my business alone would bring me so much joy.

9. Newborn Baby Sleeping On Your Chest

That sweet fleeting stage goes too too fast. Bottle up those precious moments, mamas!

10. Chocolate

A slice of heaven. Basic survival necessity.

11. Mom’s Night Out

Because Moms need a break every once in a while too.

12. Experiencing Our Kids “Firsts”

Tiny smiles, first steps, saying mama. Watching them experience things for the first time. Gah, those are the moments we live for.

13. Bubble Baths

Hello me-time. Splurge on those fancy bath bombs and salt scrubs. It’s your own mini spa.

14. Buying Kids Clothes

Because so tiny and so cute! Does’t matter that we look like a walking dead extra, just take all our money. My kid is basically a walking commercial for Old Navy. But we rock those sales of course.

15. Sleep

Ok, for the love of all that is good. Let us sleeeeeeeeep.

16. Eating Our Meals With Two Hands

I think the most exciting thing about eating at a restaurant kid free, is being able to eat an entire meal with BOTH your hands. Bliss.

17. Nap Time

Now this doesn’t mean we don’t love you. We just need you to take a nap ok so we can take a breath. Deal?

18. Hearing “I Love You” From Our Kids

Especially when it it’s unprompted. Heart melt.

19. Having A Village

Having those people in our lives to encourage, support and be there for us and our families no matter what.

20. Watching Our Kids Grow

It’s so bittersweet. But watching our babies grow up is the most glorious and wonderful gift.


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