4 Postpartum Exercises To Get Rid Of Your Mummy Tummy

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Childbirth is one of those events that are permanently life-altering. It comes with several changes that will stick with you for a lifetime, but a mommy tummy shouldn’t be one of those things.

One concern of women after giving birth is losing the added flab associated with pregnancy. But first of all, you need to remember one thing:

Crunches won’t work!

As a matter of fact, crunches never work for removing tummy fat since there is no such thing as spot-reduction or targeted weight loss – not to mention that crunches are dangerous for a postpartum body! Remember that the fat in your body works as a single system, and its job is to provide your body with energy in case you’re not receiving enough calories from food. And in addition to a better diet, you can use several exercises that help you burn more calories and sustain caloric deficit.

To help you regain a flatter stomach after pregnancy, here are some simple exercises you can do right at home!


1. Knee Ball Squeeze

The first exercise is simple and requires a ball small enough to be placed between your knees. Of course, a fitness ball is a good option, but any other ball such as a volleyball or small basketball will have to do. To begin this exercise, follow these steps:

  1. Lie down with your palms, feet, and back flat on the ground. Raise your knees so and put the ball in between them.
  2. Exhale and squeeze the ball with your knees until you feel the pressure in your pelvic floor and transverse muscles.
  3. After holding for 5-10 seconds, release as you try to breathe in deeply.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for 15-20 times.


Source: GoodHousekeeping.com

2. Wall Squats

The next exercise does not require anything else but a wall you can lean on. This particular exercise focuses on your pelvic floor and back without applying too much stress on your abdominal tissues.

  1. Lean on your back against a flat wall with your feet together.
  2. Slowly push your feet forward as you create an angle with your knees. Make sure you keep your back flat and your palms facing wall.
  3. Keep on pushing downwards until your knees reach a 90 degree angle; as if you’re sitting on an invisible chair.
  4. Hold this position for at least thirty seconds as you focus your weight on your lower back.
  5. Finally, return to your starting position and repeat for 5 times.

Head over to GoodHousekeeping.com for more great exercises for your abs and thighs.


3. Simple Squats

Since you’ll need roughly 15-30 minutes of exercise per day to burn enough calories for losing your mommy tummy, then you should consider doing simple squats right after wall squats.As long as you don’t overstrain your lower back by doing only squats, then you should be fine.

  1. Start from a standing position with your back straight.
  2. As you exhale, lower your body, bend your knees, and stick your posterior outwards as you extend your arms forward. In other words, do a good old, basic squat.
  3. Make sure your buttocks do not extend lower than your knees. Also keep your shoulder muscles even as you push your chest upwards.
  4. Return back to your starting position and repeat for anywhere between 10 and 20 repetitions.
  5. If you think simple squats are too easy for you, why not carry your baby as you do it for added resistance? Just make sure your baby is at least 10 weeks old before you do this.


Source: Babble.com

4. Heel Taps

This next exercise is another easy-to-do workout for burning additional calories.

  1. Lie down in your back and lift your knees up in a 90-degree angle. Lift your shins parallel to the floor.
  2. Put your hands on your waist as you pull your abdominal area inwards. This should make sure your back is perfectly flat on the floor.
  3. As you exhale, pull down your right thigh and tap your heel on the floor. Make sure your stomach is still pulled inwards as you do this.
  4. As you inhale, lift your leg back up and return to your starting position.
  5. Repeat for 15 times while alternating between your legs.

Head over to Babble.com for 7 more great exercise to lose that mom pouch.


Author Bio:

J.M. Javier is a health practitioner, fitness enthusiast and a part-time blogger of Genemedics(HRT). His work mostly consists of tips on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle. When he’s not busy studying for his new workout regimen, he usually spends time with his family and friends.

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