4 Simple Ways To Get A Healthy Gut

healthy gut

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Our gastrointestinal track, or gut as we’ll refer to it in this post, is a vital part of our bodies. It’s main purpose is to process food, absorb nutrients and expel waste- and all this is done constantly. As a busy mom, you are probably well aware when your body starts slowing down or any of these functions doesn’t seem to be working right. Many times, this can be attributed to having a “leaky gut,” when the walls of your gut become injured or allow toxins and infections to leak into your body’s circulation. This usually results in indigestion, malabsorption of nutrients and can cause tons of health conditions. But good news! There are plenty of ways to restore your gastrointestinal track and get your healthy gut back. Here are just a few simple ideas.

healthy gut

1. Avoid Inflammatory Foods

Most of us consume foods on a daily basis that are harmful to our guts, and we do it without even thinking. The main culprits are coffee (I KNOW), refined sugars, processed foods, alcohol, and whole grains. These foods actually inflame the gastrointestinal track, putting your body in a constant fighting mode to ward off infection. Instead, start including more fermented foods into your diet that contain tons of good bacteria to balance out your gut. One of these foods is kefir, the next item on our list!

healthy gut

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2. Incorporate Fermented Foods

Kefir is a superfood that is made by fermenting dairy products like milk. It is packed with enzymes, probiotics, tons of (good) bacteria yeast and vitamins. It is a simple way to restore a healthy gut, boost your immunity and to fight off infection. While the taste of kefir can be a bit hard to swallow, you can incorporate it into your diet by making a Kefir smoothie which is balanced out with fruit and ginger. You can find a pretty tasty one, along with other tips on getting a healthy gut at YurielKaim.com.

Sauerkraut and kimchi are two other highly fermented foods that do wonders for gut health.

healthy gut

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3. Take Probiotics

Probiotics work to saturate your system with good bacterias that help repair the lining of your leaky gut. You can take probiotics in suppelment form as well as via food (and you should probably do both). Probiotics are probably the quickest and easiest way to start repairing your gut and also strengthening it to fight off bad bacteria and infections. Just make sure you find a high quality brand when choosing a supplement!

healthy gut

4. Reduce Your Stress

As a parent, it’s probably the first thing you WANT to do, but the last thing you can get around to- reduce your stress. But stress is more than just a mental pain, it wreaks havoc on your gut and immune system too. Being constantly or overly stressed means less sleep, poor diet and inflammation of the body. It’s important to have regularly scheduled times of relaxation, exercise and to make changes in your lifestyle that lead to a less stressed existence. Use that post-bedtime downtime or nap time to your advantage and just relax. Your gut will thank you!


There are many ways to treat a leaky gut, but we aren’t doctors. These 4 steps are just the beginning. If you’re suffering from long term symptoms or other health conditions you can’t quite curtail, make sure you visit your doctor!

healthy gut

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