6 Fun DIY Valentine’s Card Boxes For The Kiddos (Boys AND Girls!)

valentine's card boxes

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and for parents, it can be a bit of a stressful day in the midst of school and the rest of life. Not only do we need want to plan a romantic time with our partners, but we also have to help our kids write out Valentine’s cards, contribute food for their class parties and in some cases, construct a box to hold said valentine’s cards. While the boxes on our list definitely aren’t quick and easy, they are pretty much guaranteed to be the cutest in the class!

valentine card boxes

Source: ArtsyFartsyMama.com

1. Unicorn Valentine Card Box

Show me a little girl who doesn’t love unicorns and I’ll be shocked! There’s something so whimsical and lovable about a pony with a magic horn, and this Unicorn Valentine Card box is no exception. Glitter accents, cute ears, and bright horn and those cute eyes are all it takes to dress up an otherwise boring Valentine card box. Who’s making this this year?

We found this adorable craft at ArtsyFartsyMama.com. Head over for all the details!

valentine's day boxes

Source: LifeWithFingerprints.com

2. Bumble Bee Valentine’s Box

Buzz on over to your craft room and grab the supplies for this adorable card holder! Made with an old plastic food container (I believe this one is from pretzels) that is covered in craft paper, then finished off with simple black plates to form wings! This is a great craft for your elementary-aged child to make on their own, or as a fun afternoon activity with your little ones.

Check out the bee-rific instructions at LifeWithFingerprints.com!

valentine's day boxes

Source: SimpleAsThatBlog.com

3. Owl Valentine’s Box

A cardboard fruit snack box, Kraft wrapping paper, construction paper- these are the main fixings for making this seriously Owl-dorable (see what I did there?) Valentine’s card box. Wrap the box like you would any gift, then have your little ones help glue on eyes, a nose and wings.

We found this sweet design at SimpleAsThatBlog.com. Head over for more craft details and tons of other simple ideas for family life.

valentine's day boxes

Source: TheJoysOfBoys.com

4. Shark Valentine’s Box

Sink your teeth into some sweet Valentine’s cards with this fun shark box. Made from an old round canister (think dishwasher tabs), the shark look is easily achieved by wrapping in gray paper, then adding teeth, fins and eyes using foam craft sheets cut into shapes. This is perfect for any boy!

Check out tons of additional boxes for boys this Valentine’s at TheJoysOfBoys.com.

valentine's card boxes

Source: AGirlAndAGlueGun.com

5. Minecraft Valentine Box

While this box takes a little patience, it’s definitely perfect for the beginner or non-painter. All it takes is using a ruler to map out a bunch of squares and then an afternoon of painting in various colors to get that classic Minecraft look! Cut a hole in the top and you’ve got not only a great V-Day box, but a nice piece of decor for your Minecraft-obssessed kiddo.

Check out some other amazing box designs at AGirlAndAGlueGun.com.

valentine's card boxes

Source: FrogSnailAndPuppyDogTail.com

6. Superman Valentine Card Box

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a Superman Valentine Card box! Some crafty painting, some blue paper and that iconic red cape make this one super Valentine box.

Check out all the details at FrogSnailAndPuppyDogTail.com.


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valentine's card boxes


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