5 Easy Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Closet

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At the start of a new season, it’s always a good idea to do a “closet cleansing.” This term is more popularly known as “spring cleaning,” and since spring is on the cusp (yippee!), it seems to be fitting (no pun intended). But you don’t want to dive into a closet reboot without a plan. You’ve got to know which clothing to keep and which to toss, and it’s more than just asking yourself whether or not you like the clothes.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re spring cleaning your closet so that your wardrobe stays current with pieces that are practical, stylish and meet your fashion needs.


1. Give Away Things That Don’t Fit

After having babies, most moms’ bodies are not the same. It’s amazing how even your breasts change size and shape! But some moms just can’t face the reality of a closet full of clothes that are too small, and hold onto them with the hope that someday they will fit again. I’m here to tell you NO. Don’t keep those clothes around. Even if your body does get back to its pre-baby place, it is going to take time. And when that does happen, wouldn’t you rather splurge on some new clothes to celebrate? Give your clothes that don’t fit to a place like Goodwill, where others can benefit, instead of just taking up space in your closet.


2. Toss Things You Don’t Wear

Most of us have at least one piece of clothing that hasn’t been worn more than once. Whether it’s something we bought for a special occasion, an impulse buy that we didn’t like as much once we got home, or something else that we haven’t had a place to wear, there’s no reason to hold onto something that isn’t getting worn. Instead, donate it, offer it to a friend or toss it into your child’s dress up bin.


3. Get Rid Of Trendy Pieces

Even moms try to keep up with the style Joneses. But the problem with trendy pieces is that they’re only in style for so long. So if you’ve got clothes that were “all the rage” this year, they probably won’t be next year. Instead of keeping them in your closet in case they make a comeback, toss them. You’ll find next season’s hottest trends just as exciting and if you get rid of the ones that are no longer in style, you’ll make room for the ones that are.


4. Sell Things That Still Have Tags

Sometimes we find a piece of clothing and we’re on the fence about whether or not to buy it. So, we splurge, and it spends months in our closet. If you have a piece in your closet that has been hanging there so long you forgot about it, it’s time to bid it adieu. If the tag is still attached, you can usually sell it to a local resale or consignment shop to at least make back some of your money. Otherwise, you might have luck with sites like Poshmark, where you can sell brand name clothing using an app on your phone.

5. Keep Trans-Seasonal Pieces

Even though we generally only wear seasonal pieces during hot or cold weather, sometimes our wardrobes have trans-seasonal pieces that can be worn different ways. Jeans, for example, can be worn any time of year. Other pieces, like sundresses, can be worn over tights in the winter or with a cardigan in the fall. If you’ve got a few articles of clothing that you can wear again in a new way when the weather changes, go ahead and keep them around. Pieces like these are great for building your entire wardrobe because they can be mixed, matched and create entirely new looks.

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Leena Kollar

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