5 Fun Foil Art Projects For Kids

foil art projects

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Looking for a fun new art medium for the kids? Try tin foil! When you’re out of construction paper and don’t want to make an extra trip to the craft store, head to the kitchen and pull this inexpensive and fun roll out for some extra fun foil art projects for kids.

fun art projects

Source: CraftyMorning.com

1. Simple Painting on Tin Foil

You probably have everything you need to make a canvas out of aluminum foil. Use painters tape to secure the foil, then gather some foam brushes and paint and get to work! Your kids will be making creative and shiny works of art, perfect for the fridge, in no time!

Find tons of amazing crafts at CraftyMorning.com.

foil art projects

Source: HappyFamilyArt.com

2. Foil Drawing

Thicker copper foil is used in this craft, something we didn’t even know existed! Bamboo sticks and a piece of felt is pretty much all you need to make this unique and artistic piece of art. Perfect for older kids, these would also look pretty amazing with some paint for added color.

Learn more about this craft at HappyFamilyArt.com.

foil art projects

Source: KidsCraftRoom.com

3. Sparkly Icicles

Whether you’re in the throes of winter, or just want to remember what cold feels like in the dead of summer, these sparkly icicles are a fun craft! Aluminum foil is painted and topped with glitter, then hung with simple thread. I bet the light would reflect beautifully from some of these when hung in a window!

Check out the simple tutorial at KidsCraftRoom.com.

foil art projects

Source: MunchkinsAndMoms.com

4. Foil Printed Fall Tree Art

Budding artists will thoroughly enjoy this tree art made from a ball of foil. Perfect for little hands still learning dexterity, a rolled ball of aluminum foil is dipped in paint and then tapped on paper to form the leaves. Tiny fingers can draw out the trunk, for a truly sweet and amazingly artistic fall tree. We’d imagine you can also change your paint colors and make one of these for any time of the year!

See more fun pics of how this project is done at MunchkinsAndMoms.com.

foil art projects

Source: Pinterest.com

5. Foil Leaf Rubbing

It’s as simple as finding leaves, laying them under a piece of foil and gently rubbing with your finger! Your kiddos will be amazed at all the detail that will show through and it provides the perfect background for painting. Or just leave plain for a fantastically frameable piece of art.



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