5 Reasons Moms Want You To Shop Their Registry

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We all know that it’s expected to create a registry for any kind of shower that will be hosted on your behalf. While this is a huge blessing for the mom-to-be, and we are all so grateful to be showered with so much love, most of us have probably experienced a similar thing: almost no one actually shops the registry you created. I think the difference between weddings and baby showers, is that wedding gifts are simply not as cute. You may have very good intentions to shop your friends baby registry but that precious little tutu outfit, or tiny plaid shirt caught your attention and all of a sudden your shopping cart is crammed full of tiny adorable outfits, much like other guests in attendance. So if you are out shopping next time, and you are debating on printing out that log registry list, here are 5 things you mom friend wants you to know.


1. They Spent Time Making One

It takes a ton of time to make your baby registry. We pour over every item, read a ton of reviews all while trying to decided what we actually need or want. This is especially difficult for first time moms as we navigate the world of all things baby. Make all that time and effort worthwhile by browsing and selecting an item or two from the registry.

2. It’s What We Really Want

There is a reason we spend a ton of time hand picking each item on our registry; it’s what we really want. Out of everything in the baby world, we decided on those specific items. I’m finding this especially true with my second on the way. My registry is much smaller as I have most things I need, but what I have put on there is what I really, really would like.

3. It Makes Returns Easier

When I needed to return items after my shower, it was so much easier if they had been purchased from my registry rather than somewhere else. If you have a gift receipt it’s pretty straight forward no matter what. However, that is often not the case. I found out when I turned up with a bag full of duplicated items that returning was a breeze as long as the item was registered for.

4. End Up With Less Duplicates

If you select a gift from a registry, when you pay for said gift, they will scan the registry ID number and check off the item as purchased. When this is actually done, it means anyone else who wants to buy a gift can see what has already been taken. So don’t be awkward and turn up with the same gift as someone else because you stopped at Target 30 minutes before the shower, shop the registry!

5. It Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Love Thoughtful Or Handmade Gifts

Even though we love it when people buy directly from our registries, it doesn’t mean we don’t love thoughtful or handmade gifts. Of course, anything you decide to gift is a huge blessing to the mom-to-be. Registries make it easy to give good and highly appreciated gifts easily, but there is always plenty of room for creativity. I personally prefer to select one or two items from the registry, depending on cost, and something else personal that I choose. This satisfies to indulge in something ridiculously cute, while knowing you also bought something they really wanted.

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