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Before I was a mom I didn’t understand the true value of having “mom friends.” I knew my life would be changing and that I wanted to walk this journey with my close friends. Except, when you are the first of your friends to have kids sometimes it can be hard for everything to stay the way it is. Even though I firmly believe we shouldn’t lose ourselves in the lives of our children, mom (and dad) is important too. But we do have different priorities and schedules once you add kids to the equation. I learned really fast that without other mom friends surrounding me I would be drowning in my new normal. So ladies, if you haven’t got yourself a village, buck up the courage and ask that gal at the park you always see to be your Mom friend.

mom friends

1. They Understand

While I still feel the need to apologize for the state or my house (car, hair, kids, etc), I actually don’t need to. Because they’ve have been there and their house probably looks similar too. If you’re running late to a play date because your three-year-old refuses to put on pants, they will understand and just hand you a hot cup of coffee.

2. Advice

I have yet to meet a mom who isn’t full of advice. Yes, while it’s important to pick and choose who to listen to, raising babies next to women who have walked the same path is so important. I can’t tell you how many times I have texted a  friend at 1:00 AM with a question and gotten a response back right away, because they are also awake with their babies.

3. They’ve Got Your Back

Have you ever had that moment with your mom friends when you don’t even have to finish your question and they are already jumping in to help? Doesn’t matter if it’s potty training emergency, grabbing a runaway toddler or stopping by with coffee and ice cream after a particularly long day. They will always have your back because they know exactly how hard and wonderful this motherhood thing is.

4. They’re Comfortable Around Your Kids

There is nothing better then watching your friends love on your little ones. I’m certain that my toddler is more obsessed with my best friend then I am. Typically a lot of my mom friends are much more comfortable with my rambunctious toddler than those friends without kids yet. My kids, like most, can be a lot of work, but when I get together with my other mom friends we often “swap” babies and toddlers because we just can’t get enough of each other sweet kiddos.

5. You Can Be Honest

All those parenting fails and mom guilt trips you’ve been holding onto? Time to let it out, because no one will understand better then your friends who have kids themselves. Even if we haven’t all made the exact same mistakes, you can be sure they know exactly how it feels to mess up. In fact, hearing honest real life moments from my close friends just reminds me I’m not alone and that it’s totally ok to feel the way I do.

6. They Won’t Judge

As long as you pick the right kind of mom friends this is true 😉 But really, we’re not going to judge if you decide to make your own baby food or feed your kid the store bought kind. We also don’t care if you live in yoga pants and mom buns. We all know how long, crazy, wonderful, exhausting and incredible the journey of motherhood. However you decide to walk this road we’re not here to judge one another.

mom friends

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