5 Reasons To Have A Co-Ed Baby Shower

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When I was pregnant with my first baby, I fell in love with the idea of a co-ed baby shower. Luckily, they were totally a thing by then so no one thought we were too “out there” when we hosted our own. It was super sweet to share in the excitement with my husband as we got ready to welcome our baby girl into the world. Plus, it really come in handy so I didn’t have to keep bending down to unwrap the gifts at 37 weeks pregnant. If you’re on the fence about having a co-ed shower, see if some of the reasons below can persuade you.


1. Experience It Together

I really felt that so much of my pregnancy was about me and the little life I was growing. My husband of course made it to all the important doctor’s appointments, and obviously bonded with our baby girl as she moved around in my belly. But I felt like he was missing out on being a part of the excitement and anticipation that comes with the shower. I love that we as women gather together to bless and support each other during our adventure into motherhood. However I felt strongly that I wanted our entire village to be there as we took on this new step.

2. Less Intimidating

I’m not sure if baby showers are supposed to feel intimidating, but they kinda did to me. I was terrified that some older distant relative would corner me and start talking about their birth story. Or I would have tons of baby advice that would send my head spinning and possibly into panic mode. While none of this would probably have happened, I felt comfortable having my baby daddy by my side the whole time.

3. Less Awkward Gift Opening

Man, I love to give gifts. I even love sitting and watching others open their gifts, it’s my favorite part of every shower. But I hate opening gifts in front of a room full of people. You don’t want to go too fast and blitz through them without stopping to properly admire each item, but I’m also super aware how long this whole process can take and people have things to do. It really took the pressure off having my husband opening alongside me, plus it really helped not having to bend down and pick them up each time as I was starting to resemble a beached whale at that point.

4. Celebrate With All Your Friends

I know for my husband and I it wouldn’t have been the same without all our friends, both guys and gals, all there together. It was really wonderful to have everyone who was soon to be involved in our daughter’s life there together to welcome her into the world.

5. You Can By Pass The Games

While I don’t mind playing the game at most baby showers I attended, it was a nice excuse to just bypass that whole part of the shower if we wanted to by having a co-ed shower. Of course, this is totally optional to still do if you would like. We didn’t take the fun out of it all together, but we replaced the traditional shower games for a gamer of back yard croquet.

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