6 Questions All Pregnant Women Hate

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If there is one thing you should never do, it’s upset a hormonal pregnant women. Except, for some reason, pregnancy seems to be the perfect excuse for people to lose all their social filters and just say the first thing that comes into their heads, usually related to your size and shape. If that’s not the case, it’s sure to be one of these follow questions. All the eye rolls.


1. Have You Picked A Name Yet?

Maybe not everyone hates this question, but those of us who are 7 months along without a name picked, start to feel the pressure every single time this is asked. Most people can’t actually believe we have yet to decide, or even they get offended if we choose not to share the name we have picked out. Then begins the endless list of suggestions…

2. Are You Planning A Natural Birth?

I know it’s just curiosity but you start to feel like they isn’t right answer to this question. They are either calling you crazy for opting out of pain management or calling you a slacker for opting for a c-section. I usually like to state that I’m hoping for a smooth and safe delivery, however the baby arrives. #winning

3. Are You Planning To Breastfeed?

Again, such a super personal question. Most first time moms have no idea how breastfeeding is going to go. They also may be set on formula feeding from the get go but don’t want to share their personal feeding preferences with you. Most likely, because someone will certainly have an option on whatever you decide.

4. Are You Done Having Kids Now?

For any mom with one or more kids this is a very common question. We have a little girl and now that we are expecting a boy, people just assume we are done having kids. Maybe we are, maybe we’re not. I just don’t like the fact you are about to assert your opinion into my decision on how many children to have.

5. Are You Going Back To Work?

Working moms, or first time moms are often plagued with this question from the day they announce their pregnancy. I liked to see what kind of reaction I could get out of people with my first and just tell them, “we’re winging it,” and leave it at that. Not everyone has it all figured out and asking them their life plans can often add to the stress.

6. Where is the baby?

Never ask an expecting mom, who is close to her due date, where the baby is. We are very aware that our baby is still inside, as are you from one glance our way. Clearing if we don’t know why the heck they haven’t shown up yet, we aren’t about to have a reason to tell you.

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