6 Reasons To Get A Diaper Bag

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I remember looking at diaper bags when I was expecting my first baby and honestly, I was super un-impressed by the frumpy options that were in most stores. I seriously considered just picking out a large purse and throwing all my baby gear in it. Well, that was until I found a diaper bag that I loved, and I finally understood that they are just as practical as they sometimes look. Except now you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality. Here are just a few reasons a diaper bag should be on your list of must-haves for your baby.


Source: Skip Hop

1. Compartments

Compartments = organization. Which, as a new mom is the best thing ever. I loved that everything had a place, and a pocket. Lets be honest, babies require a whole bunch of junk, and if you dare leave the house you better pack it all just it case. Some diaper bags have a really handy insert which you can remove and easily change between a diaper bag and regular purse which is pretty awesome.

Skiphop.com has a huge selection of diaper bags, plus tons of other must have baby items.


Source: Skip Hop

2. Stroller Hooks

These handy dandy contraptions are the best. I picked a lightweight stroller, which unfortunately had a tiny basket so they only way to store my diaper bag while I was out was hanging it from stroller, but it was made so easy with the stroller hooks and I could just clip it on and off easily. Problem solved!

Skiphop.com has a huge selection of diaper bags, plus tons of other must have baby items.


3. Insulated Pockets

I honestly didn’t think I would even use these pockets, it figured it was just something they added to make them seem more appealing. I nursed my daughter until around a year so I almost never carried pumped milk or bottles for formula with me. But it turns out it they were awesome for the bottles of milk I started carrying around once she was weaned and for snacks that need to be kept cool while we were out.

Skiphop.com has a huge selection of diaper bags, plus tons of other must have baby items.


Source: Coco and Kiwi

4. Easy To Clean

Most diaper bags are super easy to wipe clean, both inside and out, which is fantastic considering how many spills they need to endure. They are also built to last and will manage the day to day bustle of life with kids much better than a regular purse.

Check out www.http://cocoandkiwi.com for more stylish diaper bags!


5. Stylish

Unlike in years before, there are tons of stylish diaper bag companies on market. I remember when I was looking only 2 years ago I was struggling to find anything I was remotely interested in and seriously considered starting my own company.

Fawn Design is so cute and always in super high demand, so make sure to snag one of these up whenever they are in stock.


Source: Lily Jade

6. Versatile

So many diaper bags have the option to wear a few different ways. One of my personal favorites is the backpack style. There is nothing better then having a hands free option when you are out and about with your littles.

Head over to www.lilly-jade.com to see more their amazing collection.

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