6 Things No One Tells You About Your Second Pregnancy

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There is so much about your second pregnancy that no one tells you. Like, maybe they just assume because you’ve done it before it’s all the same. Or they are so focussed on telling you how much harder life with two kids is that they just forget about the good stuff you’ll experience as well. Well, I for one was super surprised by how many new experiences I’ve had already, and how different it has felt to my first pregnancy. But once I started talking to other moms I realized I wasn’t in it alone. Here are some of the things no one told me about second pregnancies, in case you are about to embark on the exciting adventure of baby number two!

1. You Might Be Even More Excited

I’m quite possibly even more excited about my second pregnancy than I was with my first. Even though I was over the moon giddy about my bringing my first baby girl into the world, I had no idea what to expect or quite how deep a love for your own child truly runs. This time around I’m already dreaming of sweet newborn cuddles, watching my first born love on her new baby sister or brother and all the other heart explosions that a new baby brings.

2. And Possibly Even More Scared

Just like I am more excited for baby two, I’m also equally terrified. With your first baby you have a certain amount of naïveté going into it. I would shrug off the “get sleep while you can” and “kiss your social goodbye” life comments, because, who really thinks those are actually helpful?! But after a very sleepless 2 years I am slightly horrified that I’m actually embarking on this journey again, with a two year old in tow nonetheless.

3. You’ll Be Way Less Bothered About “Stuff”

From the moment I found out I was pregnant with my first baby I immediately started look up tiny baby items and researching which stroller I wanted to get. I’m quite ashamed to admit how many hours I spent obsessively pouring over my baby registry. The day our stroller arrived, I put it all together and practiced pushing it around the house. This time around I haven’t even thought about what baby items we might need, and I’m secretly hoping we have another girl so I re-use all the many, many clothes I have neatly stored away.

4. And Sometimes You Forget You Are Actually Pregnant

Well, maybe not for the first 12 weeks but you may find after the nausea and fatigue starts to subside and more good days take over the bad, you actually forget once in a while you are really pregnant. This happened me to me a few times already. That is before the little person inside started kicking and punching all day long. Being busy with a toddler and working from home I find that I have to remind myself that I’m growing a person and it’s important to take breaks and time out for myself. Even if that means sitting down with a cup of tea and ignoring the laundry during nap time once in a while.
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5. You’ll Probably Prepare Less

With my first pregnancy as soon as I found out I was expecting I downloaded all the Apps and went out and got my very own copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. I read a ton of information on pregnancy and birth, I went to the classes and even watched home birth videos. I wanted to know everything I could. You will feel a bit like a veteran since this is your second time, but you will also probably just not have the time to devote endless hours of reading and research. And then there’s the nursery, I’m pretty sure I’ll be picking out paint colors once the baby is already 6 months old.

6. How Exciting It Is To Share Your Pregnancy With Your Firstborn

Well, that title is pretty self explanatory but it’s been so true for me. My little girl is 2 years old (going on 12), and from the moment I told her there is a baby in my belly she has connected to the concept of having a baby sibling. While I know she doesn’t truly understand what it all means, she talks, cuddles and demands to see my growing tum everyday, all while bathing the bump and I in endless kisses.

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