6 Tips To Organize Your Closet Like A Pro

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I’m somewhat of a Type A person. I can’t function among disorder, and I definitely have some OCD tendencies. When it comes to organizing my closet, my OCD kicks in big time. But you know what? I’m glad. I always know when certain pieces of clothing are dirty because they aren’t hanging in their “assigned” spot. I don’t have to sort through all of my clothes to find the dress I’m looking for because I’ve got a very well structured wardrobe.

Over the years, I’ve perfected my closet organizing skills. Take it from me- these 6 tips will make your life so much easier, and your closet will look so much tidier.

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1. Order By Color

Science tells us that we are born with DNA. But I think I was born with ROY G BIV. (In case you’ve been living under a rock, that stands for the colors of the rainbow- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.) I’ve loved rainbows my entire life, and now rainbows play a role in my closet organization. Hanging each section of your clothes in ROY G BIV order (I organize my clothes from left to right, with left being the “front”) makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. I take it one step further with each color and hang my clothes in descending order from darkest to lightest.

If you’re trying to sell your home or have plans to do so in the near future, check out what Express Homebuyers has to say about organizing your closet. The way you do it might be the factor that determines how quickly your home sells.

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2. Sort By Style

In addition to organizing your clothes by color, you want to separate them into sections by style. Hang all of your button down shirts together (in ROY G BIV order), your sleeveless tops together, your sweaters together, etc. This is also helpful when the seasons start to change and you’re ready to do some wardrobe purging. The easiest way to take inventory and sort through what doesn’t fit, what you no longer wear and what’s no longer in style is to flip through the items that are similar to see what you’ve got.

You’ll find more tips on closet organization by visiting homedit. There are 40 great ideas there!

source: Self Reliance Central

3. Hang By Length

Not only does hanging your clothes by length clean up the look of your closet, it makes it easier to find clothes when you need them. If this is done properly, your clothes should form an imaginary diagonal line. Hang all of your short skirts together, followed by your a-line skirts, and then your maxi skirts. Same goes for pants and dresses. Bermuda shorts would be in the front, then capri pants, and then full length. Just like when people take a picture, the taller people go in the back and the shorter go in the front.

Check out the tips that Self Reliance Central has for keeping your closet neat and organized.

4. Arrange By Strap Size

In the section(s) of your closet where you have tops and dresses, put the items in order by the width of the straps. Start with spaghetti strap pieces, and follow by hanging ones with thicker straps until you’ve hung everything from thinnest to thickest straps. Within each strap category, adhere to the rainbow color order to really stay organized. For example, if you have two different styles of red tank tops, hang them in ROY G BIV order, and hang the tank with the thinner straps in front of the one with thicker straps. Follow this pattern for every section in your closet.

5. Separate By Season

Whenever the weather changes and a new season is upon us, I always rearrange my closet so that the clothes I will be wearing are front and center, while the former season’s clothes are pushed to the back. You should always keep the current season in mind when organizing your closet. If it’s the middle of winter, you’ll want easy access to your heavy coats. Push the t-shirts and mini skirts aside and keep all of your cold weather clothes where you can get to them easily. Within each seasonal section, keep in mind the tip about sorting by style. Hang all of your turtlenecks together, your blazers together and your sweater dresses together. And of course, do it in that pretty rainbow order.

source: Corals & Cognacs

6. Display Shoes In Sections

If you have room in your closet for your shoes, I hate you. Seriously, how big is your closet? Or maybe you just don’t have very many shoes, in which case, I feel bad for you. But anyway, if you keep your shoes in your closet, they should be just as organized as your clothes. Mine are together by style and color, which is a great way to do it. Or you can do it by the height of the shoes. Keep all of your flats in one place, your low heels in another and your high heels in a third. Within each shoe section, pair all of the black shoes together, the pink shoes together, and so on. It’s nice to have a sectional display of your shoes when trying to figure out which pair to wear.

Head over to Corals & Cognacs for more ideas on shoe style and general fashion.

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