6 Tips On Surviving The Dreaded Glucose Test

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If you’ve been pregnant that you know all about the dreaded glucose test. And if this is your first baby, you have probably heard all the horror stories from your mama friends. What I hadn’t heard was the best ways to power through it like a champ. After doing it for a second time, well technically 3rd because turns out I did it too early this time around (boo), I feel like I’ve picked up on the best ways to make it as pain-free as possible.


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1. Refrigerate It

The number one piece of advice, if you don’t do anything else, do this: Put it in the refrigerator, trust me. It’s waaaaaaay better to drink cold. It helps take the edge of the sweetness and hides some of the flavor, too. This may not apply to everyone, as some testing centers don’t allow you to take the drink home and for that- I’m sorry.

2. Book A Morning Appointment

If you can, book an early appointment, or whatever is early to your routine. I find the longer I wait the harder it is to make good food choices, and I do not want to fail the test because I could’t resist burger and fries for lunch. #pregnancycravings. Additionally, many doctors require fasting for this test so the earlier you get it done, the quicker you can get back to eating!

3. Drink Fast

It starts to taste worse the longer your drinking, so chug it as fast as possible. At least thats what I do, at first your tastebuds are thinking “this isn’t so bad,” but after a while they realize it’s actually a very bad version of super sweet orange soda. I like to be almost finished before my tastebuds catch up. Also the longer your take the warmer it gets, which is also a big no-no for flavor.

4. Try A Straw

If you find it difficult to chug it quickly, try a straw. It will help you suck down that sugary nonsense super fast. Plugging your nose might help, too.

5. Keep A Snack Handy

Once your hour is up and your blood has been drawn, take out that yummy snack and indulge. I would stick to some kind of protein bar or salty snack personally, I didn’t want anything sweet for the rest of the day after chugging that syrupy substance.

6. Distraction

Take a book or something, like an active toddler, with your to your doctors appointment to distract you. That hour won’t feel so long if you have something interesting to read, or exhausting to do, in the meantime.

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