Teaching our kids the value of work is not an easy task, but a very important one nonetheless. The lessons we use to motivate our kids towards completing something that has been assigned to them will carry them on through school and ultimately their career. While there’s been much debate on whether our kids should be paid to complete their chores, the importance of structure,  follow-through and accepting direction is still the most important goal of having chores. We’ve come up with a creative list of ways to keep track of your kids chores around the house. We hope you find something that works for you!


Source: TinySideKick.com

1. Keeping It Simple

The basic chore chart has been around forever and sometimes it’s the best option. Create a basic chart with your children’s name and a list of chores and keep in a communal place like the refrigerator door. Once your kids have completed their chores, they can mark off with a check mark or a sticker. Kids love to show that they did their job! You can even create chore charts for non-readers by using pictures of chores (like a bed to demonstrate bed making) instead of words.

You can download your own copy of a pre-reader chore chart from TinySideKick.com, in addition to arts and crafts ideas for kids and DIY projects for mom.

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