7 Cute Ways To Track Your Growing Baby Bump

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One of my favorite things about pregnancy is capturing that beautiful baby bump as it grows. I didn’t take enough bump photos with my first and I can’t wait to do it all again one day. There are so many cute ways to track your growing belly and to capture this exciting time. One of the many reasons I didn’t take many photos was because I simply didn’t “feel” like it, now looking back at the few photos I did take, I really treasure them. I now know it’s so worth setting aside some time each week, or month, to snap a few pictures to look back on. If you are needing some inspiration for your pregnancy photos look no further.

Weekly Maternity Photos

Source: www.merricksart.com

1. Same Outfit

Find a cute dress or top that is going to stretch with your growing bump and wear for your weekly photos. Make sure to use a white or neural background to really make that belly pop!

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Source: www.mendezmanor.com

2. Fruit Comparison

If you have a pregnancy tracker app the chances are they tell you what size your baby is each week using a fruit or vegetable. It’s a cute way to really visualize your baby as they grow. I can honestly say, I got emotional every time I saw a blueberry in the beginning. I think my husband got tired of me excitingly pointing to fruit in the grocery store and stating, “thats how big she is!”  So what a cute way to capture your bump week by week by including the corresponding fruit.

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Source: www.littlebabygarvin.blogspot.com

3. Chalkboard

If you don’t already have a chalkboard in your house, this is the perfect time to get one. You can include not only what week you are, but all of the other fun pregnancy information like your cravings, the size of the baby or its gender. You can get as creative as you would like to make those board beautiful.

Check out www.littlebabygarvin.blogspot.com for a beautiful blog on all things mommy!


Source: www.thecountdownshop.com

4. The Countdown Shirt

If you have seen our post on 10 awesome pregnancy tee’s post then you know this is a must have! All you need is a red sharpie and a camera to snap your weekly photo and countdown your little ones arrival.


Source: themasseyspot.blogspot.com

5. Banner

I love this! Just switch out the number each week and your are all set. You can hang it up or tie it around your growing bump, and the best part is you can use it again to capture your baby’s monthly photos. Or even another pregnancy. The possibilities are endless.

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Source: www.momtog.com

6. Sibling Love

If this is your second pregnancy, (or third, or fourth), why not include the older siblings on on the photo taking. Get them excited about the new arrival and have them join in the fun.

Visit www.momtog.com for photography inspiration!


Source: www.etsy.com

7. Bump Stickers

These bump stickers are simple and easy way to capture that growing belly. They come in a ton of different designs and styles and you can even pick up a set for your baby while your are at it. They look great on a white simple t-shirt or tank.

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