7 Ways To Make Your Man Feel Included During Your Pregnancy

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When you’re pregnant, it’s not just the mother-to-be who is expecting. Including your Daddy-to-be in as much as you can throughout your pregnancy will help for them to feel needed and wanted–which every man likes! They are going to love that baby just as much as Mommy is, so remember that the two of you are on this baby journey together.

Here are 7 ways to make your man feel included during your pregnancy:

185982363_87aa106af6_zSource: @Brandy Shaul via Flickr

1. Tell them all the details from your doctor’s appointments

There may be times when your man can’t join you for all the appointments with the obstetrician, so it’s important to phone them when you leave to relay all the details so they can feel included. If your man hates missing out, chances are he might be the one to call you first before you’ve even left the office! Take this as a positive sign that he has a strong desire to be included, and be sure not to leave him out.

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