Learn And Explore With Your Kids With The Help Of Thomas & Friends™ Railway Pals™

Thomas the Train

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When it comes to toddlers, every little one loves a good train set. There are lots to choose from in this day and age, but nothing holds symbolic nostalgia quite like Thomas & Friends™. Moms know that it’s been a trusted brand that can help young minds to explore and engage imagination for hours on end.

For my son, he’s all about those toys that light up, have wheels, and make neat sounds — sometimes even a little too much! And any toy that has wheels and makes noises, well that’s a sure bet. With Thomas & Friends™ Railway Pals™ Destination Discovery, my son can satisfy his senses with light up bumpers, sounds, and wheels that spin round and round for endless play.

In a day and age where iPads and video games have replaced so much play and make-believe, I feel good giving my son a toy that lets him use his imagination. Sure there’s a time and a place for electronics, but when my kids and I are spending time together, it’s important for us to do something that enables us to create and play with each other.

Thomas & Friends™ Railway Pals™ Destination Discovery maintains the charm of classic, buildable train toys, but they’re techie enough to engage my kiddos with playful songs and phrases. Young ones love interacting with the fun characters each engine represents, but little do they know that while they’re singing and chatting along, they’re actually learning!

Developing minds have a blast while discovering letters, numbers, colors, and practicing following directions. Two ways to get the trains “talking” mean endless entertainment: press the front bumper to hear what each character has to say, or roll them over cloud-shaped track markers to uncover even more phrases!

What’s more, building colorful tracks, placing “cargo” into the train cars, and driving them up and down hills and beneath tunnels helps encourage the development of motor skills. Plus, when your kids’ playdates or siblings join in on the fun, they learn important social skills to take with them to preschool.

Our kids grow up so fast, so now is the time to make magic and memories by sparking their imagination with Thomas & Friends™ Railway Pals™. I love providing my little crew with engaging and enriching activities, but all they know is that they’re having the time of their lives!

Want your kiddos to join in on the fun? You can by clicking here to get your Thomas & Friends™ Railway Pals™ Destination Discovery today!


Thomas the Train

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