8 Clever Co-Ed Baby Shower Themes

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These days, it’s exciting to see boyfriends and husbands get so involved in women’s pregnancies. Gone are the days that husbands waited in the waiting room smoking cigars and staying clear of “women’s work.” Nowadays, men are birth coaches, stay at home dads and so much more. So it shouldn’t be shocking that many people like to bypass the traditional all-women baby shower in favor of a co-ed one. Co-ed baby showers are more casual affairs and can be likened to a party atmosphere- something that everyone will enjoy. The great thing about co-ed showers is that you can really let your personality show through your theme! Check out some clever ideas we’ve found to celebrate your baby with your man!


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1. Brew Party

Nothing will get a man to a party quicker than a few pints of beer! Your baby is “brewing” so why not celebrate with some real brew too? The mother to be may not be able to partake, but everyone else will.


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2. Baby-Q Shower

Any party with food is a good one, so center your co-ed shower around a baby-q. You can grill some baby back ribs and mini sliders to carry on your tiny theme. The men can do what they love, which is stand around the grill, why the ladies can kick back with some mocktails!


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3. Tailgate

The couple that tailgates together, stays together. Instead of throwing an entirely separate affair, just pair your favorite activity with some friends, all focusing on your baby. No guy will miss this party!


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4. Birdies & Bogeys

You can tell the men (and women) who really love golf and hit the green every weekend. You won’t need to require them to miss a tee time if you plan a party at your local golf club! Everyone can grab a golf cart to play, or you can send the men out to get their fill while the women stay back. Either way, everyone will be happy!

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