8 Amazing Dessert Lasagna Recipes Your Family Will Love

dessert lasagna

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Much like their savory counterparts, dessert lasagnas are incredibly delicious. Fortunately though, they are a lot easier to make than the traditional dinner lasagna. Instead of hours spent rolling out pasta, making sauces, and laying down cheese, all you really need to do is layer a bunch of goodies on top of simply made crusts. Dessert lasagnas can be filled with candy bars or a simple as colorful cream cheese. Whichever one of these recipes you choose to make will quickly become a family favorite.

dessert lasagna

Source: omgchocolatedesserts.com

1. White Chocolate Blueberry Dessert Lasagna

Blueberries and white chocolate are surprisingly delicious together in this layered dessert lasagna. Golden Oreos are topped with delicious blueberry-filled cream cheese then followed by pudding and a mountain of Cool Whip. The dessert is chilly, sweet, perfect for hot summer days.

Get more amazing chocolate dessert recipes at Oh My Goodness…Chocolate Desserts.

dessert lasagna

Source: thecookierookie.com

2. Red Velvet Dessert Lasagna

This red velvet lasagna is sweet, decadent, and perfect for chocolate lovers everywhere. From the delicious Oreo base to the creamy chocolate pudding filling, it is a dessert that is sure to satisfy everyone.

The Cookie Rookie has plenty of healthy dinners and super sweet desserts.

dessert lasagna

Source: abajillianrecipes.com

3. Butterfinger Dessert Lasagna

An iconic candy bar and a classic dessert combine in this fantastic recipe. The crust of this lasagna is made up of Nutter Butter sandwich cookies and the rest is brought together with Butterfinger chunks, peanut butter, and quite a bit of cream cheese.

Get sweet cookies, fun cupcakes, and every baked good in between at A baJillian Recipes.

dessert lasagna

Source: livinglocurto.com

4. Unicorn Poop Lasagna

Between the name, the crazy colors, and the deliciousness of it, this unicorn poop lasagna is going to be a hit with your kids. The actual makeup of the lasagna is pretty simple. Oreos are topped with layers of colorful cream cheese and cool whip, making this dessert just as simple as it is fun.

Head over to Living Locurto to find colorful crafting inspiration and great dessert recipes.

dessert lasagna

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5. Lemon Dessert Lasagna

A smooth, cool layer of lemon pudding is sandwiched between smooth cream cheese and finished off with Lemon Oreos. In addition to being pretty, this dessert is also easy to make and super tasty.

Find family-friendly recipes and crafts for kids of all ages at Lil’ Luna.

dessert lasagna

Source: inspiringcooks.com

6. Mint Chocolate Dessert Lasagna

Refreshing and decadent, this dessert lasagna has everything other iconic mint chocolate desserts have. This lasagna is made with minimal ingredients and is so easy to make that you could probably task your kid with doing it.

Get quick and easy dinners and fun desserts at Inspiring Cooks.

dessert lasagna

Source: 3yummytummies.com

7. Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Lasagna

Chocolate covered strawberries have taken new form in this fun dish. Fresh strawberries mix deliciously with Oreo cookies and chocolate cream cheese in this cheesecake, dessert lasagna hybrid.

Find a whole bunch of recipes that satisfy your taste buds at 3 Yummy Tummies.

dessert lasagna

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8. Birthday Cake Dessert Lasagna

This lasagna has all the great taste of a traditional birthday cake with almost none of the work. From the colorful sprinkles to the real cake mix filling, this dessert may turn into your new favorite birthday treat.

Wine and Glue has great 5 ingredient recipes and fun kids crafts.

Dessert Lasagna

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