8 Potty Training Tips For Any Toddler

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Whether your toddler is fascinated or terrified of the toilet, there comes a time when its time to transition from sweet baby status to big kid who uses the potty. Only you as the parent can determine when exactly that time is and no two kids are alike. You’ve probably done research on tons of methods including letting your child act like they are in a nudist colony for the weekend or the motivating and rewarding candy system. Regardless of which method you choose (and which your toddler actually responds to) there are some key tips that are standard across the board. Check out our list and get training!


1. Make Sure They Are Ready

This is the most important aspect of potty training: they have to be ready to do it. I’ve heard horror stories of over eager parents who didn’t want two kids in diapers with the impending arrival of a newborn, or a child who was potty trained and then regressed back to diapers. Your toddlers have very few areas of control in their lives and those usually consist of when to go to sleep, what and when to eat and once they are old enough, going to the bathroom. If your toddler shows no interest in the bathroom and still doesn’t tell you when they’ve messed their diaper, check back in a few weeks. They have their whole lives to use the big kid toilet once they’re trained- don’t rush it!

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