8 Ways To Survive Holiday Photos

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It’s that time of year – holiday photos! We’re all after that picture perfect moment where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling. Capturing these moments are so precious and having your family documented will be treasure you can look back on as the years pass. However, getting them done can me more than stressful! You are dressed, with make up on and maybe, even in a new outfit. But when kids are having a melt downs, and you start¬†sweating through your perfectly done make up, it doesn’t seem so worth it after all. Here are some tips to make the family photos easier!


1. Avoid Nap Time

We all know what happens when kids skip nap times. Tiny monsters take over their bodies and the word cranky takes on a whole new meaning. Let’s make it easier for everyone all round, including your photographer. Avoid nap time. Schedule your shoot for when your kids will be well rested and in high spirits.


2. Eat Before

Have those tummies full before the shoot ensure no hangry meltdowns occur. This goes for the adults as well as the kiddos! ūüėČ Nothing worse then posing for photos and all the while wishing you had stopped for that burrito on the way. On that note, avoid packing snacks for the kids. It may seem like an easy option to get them to cooperate, but most likely they will be messy in seconds and your carefully picked outfits will be ruined.


3. Props

Props like a book, a blanket, or one of the kids favorite toys, will help keep everyone focussed on one thing at the same time. This will help the photographer to capture you in a natural and candid setting. These moments when your are interacting together make the most special memories and photos!


4. Get Some Couples Shots

Remember that YOU matter. The two of you. The ones that started the beautiful family you have now. Take some time during the shoot to get some photos of just you and your spouse. You won’t regret it!


5. Clothing Choices

Consider the weather when you are picking your families outfits. Even if you want that Fall/Winter look, don’t layer up if you are going to be shooting outside in the hot Southern California sun. Likewise, if its icy¬†and cold make sure you are¬†bundled up so everyone stays warm. Try to pick coordinating outfits that will compliment each other.


6. Pick The Right Photographer

Choosing the right photographer for your family will immediately reduce a lot of stress. If you haven’t taken family photos before, ask around. Find out who your friends photographer is. Look for someone who has experience¬†with kids and who you feel comfortable with. Don’t forget to check out their existing work to see if they fit your style! Having confidence in your choice of photographer will make your more comfortable during the photo shoot.


7. Keep An Eye On The Time

Just like you want to avoid nap time, you also don’t want the shoot to last too long. There is only so much posing and cooporating you can expect from little ones. Start with the most difficult and must-have shots first, then move on to the candid interactive play. This will help keep everyone on track avoid any disappointment at the end if you did get that one photo you wanted.



I know this sounds crazy, but seriously. Relax, if you are stressed out and frustrated during the shoot it will show in your face and all the photos. The last thing you want to do is spend all the time and money and then be upset with how the photos look. If the kids are not cooperating the way your wild like, allow the photographer to do their job and capture your kids exactly how they are. Being kids.

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