9 Delicious Desserts Your Kids Can Help You Make

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Mom and child cooking experiments are always fun, even after having to experience wild amounts of flour, macaroni, and other unmentionables in your hair and all over your clothes, being able to share something as fun and special as cooking with your little ones is always a treat. Cooking can provide a major source of creativity and confidence in children, which makes it important to include them in the process as much as possible. While we know that it isn’t always ideal to have a kiddo around tons of knives and big scary kitchen tools, you would be surprised by how much your little one can accomplish in the kitchen. These dessert recipes are delicious, fun, and a perfect way to get kids interested in cooking. Try them out!


Source: Sugarhero.com

1. Chocolate Dipped Frozen Bananas

These delicious frozen bananas are not only wildly delicious, but they are also a fantastic way to get the kiddos excited about trying healthier snacks as well. Simple bananas, peeled and placed on sticks, then frozen until firm and covered in tons of delicious melted chocolate and other fun goodies. Even the smallest tots can perfect this dessert.

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2. Jello Cookies

Cute, colorful, and sweet, three things that kids never fail to love and the perfect ingredients for these easy Jello cookies. Jello packages are mixed in with a simple sugar cookie recipe then enhanced with bright food coloring to add a little bit of flair. These cookies taste amazing and are equally fun to make.

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Source: domesticallyblissful.com

3. Caramel Apple Slices

Condensing traditional caramel apples down into simple slices makes eating them infinitely easier, and creating them even more entertaining. These thick slices are simply placed on sticks and covered in tons of sweet, gooey caramel along with a few other toppings.

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