9 Girl Scout Cookie Inspired Desserts

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Girl Scout cookie season is one of the best times of the year. My family actually tends to go a little overboard with the combination of ordering beforehand and those cute little grocery store booths. We spend the next few weeks enjoying our spoils and eating way too many Thin Mints. But too much of any sweet, delicious thing is never good. While we typically pack our leftovers in the freezer and save them for later, there are way better uses out there for your leftover Girl Scout cookies. Uses that involve things like chocolate and ice cream.

These recipes take your favoriteGirl Scout cookies and transforms them into something just as delicious but a little more creative.

Girl Scout Cookie

Source: chelseasmessyapron

1. Samoa Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Bars

These Samoa ice cream bars are like an explosion of great, sugary goodness. Gooey fudge brownies are topped with caramel delight ice cream, then finished off with a heaping of toppings, including chopped Samoa cookies.

Find more fun, creative recipes at Chelsea’s Messy Apron.

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