Glitter isn’t just for little girls’ toys and arts & crafts time at school, glitter is a perfect acceptable crafting tool for grownup items as well. I definitely wouldn’t recommend covering every item in your house with a layer of bright pink glitter but a few stand out items would look amazing in your home office, you living room, or on your accessories. From travel tumblers to sneakers, these glitter DIY projects are equal parts fun and glamorous.

Glitter DIY's


1. DIY Glitter Shoes

Make each one of your steps as beautiful as the last with this fun craft. Aside from the white canvas shoes, this DIY project only requires about three tools. Some glitter, a paint brush and plenty of decoupage. The entire process is easy, if a little messy, but makes one heck of a fashion statement.

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2. DIY Gold Glitter Mason Jars

Turn a simple old mason jar into a beautiful place to keep your flowers and other items with this simple craft. These jars are covered in a sparkling gold glitter that looks glamorous and is surprisingly easy to create.

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glitter DIY's


3. DIY Glitter Confetti Coasters

Even if you don’t leave these glitter confetti coasters out at all times, they are fantastic for gatherings, parties, and other special occasions. Simple and plain coasters are covered in gorgeous glitter and fun confetti with only a bit of Mod Podge.

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