9 Must-Have’s For Your Kitchen Command Center

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For most families, the kitchen is the central hub of the home. Everyone seems to congregate there, even if it’s not meal time. We drop off the mail, clutter the counters with magazines and newspapers, hang backpacks on the kitchen chairs and much more. Bills, schedules, medical information and permission slips are all very important documents but can easily get lost in the hubbub of the kitchen. That’s why moms everywhere desire their very own kitchen command center, where paperwork is made easy. A command center is the central and organized home for all of your family schedules and needs. It should be a place where you can neatly organize important paperwork and actually make your life easier! We’ve rounded up 10 must-haves that you’ll need to get your kitchen command center in working order. And hint: if you end up finding another great space in your home like a nook or your office, these all work just as great!


Source: HowToNestForLess.com

1. Location, Location, Location

Your kitchen command center is going to be a focal point for all of your paperwork, schedules and much more, so finding a prime location is key. You may already have a built in desk or nook in your kitchen (and if so- lucky!), or a place that things naturally end up. You can use a cupboard to keep your counters clear or a small wall that doesn’t get much use. You can make your center as large or small as you need, that’s the best part. Don’t use a cupboard that has shelves you can’t reach, or cram into a space that won’t accommodate all your files.

HowToNestForLess.com made this command center for $75! Head over to her site to see how she did it and for some more command center inspiration.


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2. Calendar

Even if you embrace technology and use a digital calendar, you can still incorporate it into your command center. Maybe you have a desktop computer that is synced with your phone so everyone can view the family calendar. Perhaps you have a dock for your iPad so you can keep it available for anyone to check on. If you like paper, then use a calendar that is large enough to accommodate the family schedule. Your calendar will likely be a huge part of your command center so put it at a height that is accessible to anyone who needs to use it.


Source: AtHomeWithTheKirchners.com

3. File Systems

One of the best parts about command centers if they put a method to your paperwork madness. Sit down and write out all your common categories that you have when it comes to your piles of papers. You can do basic ones like Receipts, Bills, Schoolwork, Shred, etc. Whatever categories you decide on, make a file system that works with you. You can hanging wall file holders, clear file boxes or letter trays, depending on the location and size of your command center. Make sure that everything you plan on organizing has a home in your filing system.

Head over to AtHomeWithTheKirchners.com to see her own command center and for some more tips on design.

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