9 Of The Most Useful Ikea Hacks You’ve Ever Seen

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I love Ikea. I could spend an entire afternoon (sans husband and children) and cover the store from top to bottom with joy and delight. I don’t even have to buy anything to have a good time, although I don’t think there’s ever been a person who leaves without purchasing at least on Swedish invention. What could be better than Ikea? Ikea hacks, that’s what! There are amazing people in the world who can turn the most basic Ikea item into a thing of mystery, and here are 9 of the best hacks we’ve found! We know there are tons of fabulous hacks that can be very time consuming, so we’ve rounded up the ones we think a regular person could whip up and get the most use from. Happy hacking!


Source: Blog.KrysMelo.com

1. Banquette Seat

I feel like everyone has owned at lest one Ikea bookshelf in their life and it was probably Expedit. I personally had a 4×4 cubed one, and the one featured in this hack is a single 5-cube version that has generously been transformed into an amazing banquette seat. This would be great in an entryway or otherwise awkward space that needs some seating, but not a full dining set.

Check out this surprisingly simple hack over at Blog.KrysMelo.com!


Source: SarahShermanSamuel.com

2. Simple Dresser Transformation

When you’re young or starting to furnish an entire house, Ikea is your best friend. The problem is, the furniture can be pretty basic, like the Tarva chest in this picture. But with some simple white paint and new handle pulls, you can transform a boring Pine dresser into a glam, yet functional dresser.

Check out SarahShermanSamuel.com for this simple hack and other great design ideas!


Source: TexasCraftHouse.com

3. Hidden Jewelry Storage

There are few things more irritating then trying to pull out a necklace that has become entangled with other necklaces. It’s like a rats nest of frustration! The other problem is hanging up every piece of jewelry can take up precious space, so that’s why this Stave mirror with hinges is the answer to your problem. You can hide your jewelry on the actual wall behind the mirror or to the back of the mirror itself. Genius!

TexasCraftHouse.com has a great tutorial on making this design your own, as well as other great DIY’s and crafts.

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