9 Romantic Couples Maternity Shoots

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When it comes to maternity photo shoots, the possibilities for themes, poses, outfits, locations, etc. are just about endless. While there is always a chance to include the entire family, maternity shoots aren’t always the most romantic. Luckily, it is extremely easy to change that! Grab your husband, dress up in something fun and flowy, and let your photographer do all the work with these amazing photos as inspiration.


1. Dog Days

Since first time couples don’t have any other little ones to include in family maternity photo shoots, being their adorable pups into the fold is pretty much the next best thing. This beautiful couples photo is only made better by the intimate family feel and obvious closeness.


2. Cute and Colorful

This simple shoot is bright, vibrant, and completely in tune with two happy, expecting parents. The adorable pink and blue balloons help serve as a not-quite gender reveal, while the lush green background keeps the focus on the parents-to-be.



3. Two with Nature

This gorgeous couples maternity shoot is absolutely brimming with sweetness. The mother, dressed in beautiful, flowing clothes is the perfect contrast to her more casual partner, keeping much of the focus on her baby belly while still showcasing the love they have for one another.

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