9 Special Ways To Celebrate Your Children

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As moms, we can’t help but beam with pride over every little thing our children do. Their first steps, their first day of school, their first dance recital, we take way too many photos and brag about our kiddos at those moments. But some accomplishments deserve to be celebrated because they bring out our children’s inner selves. We shouldn’t just be proud of those good grades, soccer game wins and karate black belts. We should also acknowledge the sweet things our children do that bring out their compassion and love. The things they do that they don’t necessarily have to do.

Let’s show our children how proud of them we are just for being themselves. The ways they’ll impress us in this area are infinite, but these 9 ideas are a great way to practice loving our children through the little stuff.

1. Getting Themselves Dressed

By the time your child is about 3 years old, she’ll start being more proactive when it comes to getting dressed. You’ll be so proud of her for picking out her own clothes, even though she doesn’t yet understand the concepts of matching, or dressing for the weather. Knowing that your toddler is independent enough to choose her own outfit is a great feeling! And no matter what she puts on, she always looks absolutely adorable!

2. Giving You Compliments

The other day, my son was sitting next to me and he gave me a side hug. He said, “You’re my best mommy.” And even though I’m his only mommy, his words melted my heart! Whenever he says nice things to me, it makes me feel good. He will often thank me for making him meals, or picking out his clothes, or helping him clean up. He’s told me I’m pretty, and how proud of me he is. I know he doesn’t really understand a lot of the things he says, but his sensitive soul gives me butterflies, and I love that he’s not afraid to express himself.

3. Making You Breakfast

Many children, often at the nudging of their father, gift their mom with breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day or other special occasions. And often, this means being served toast with a giant chunk of unevenly spread butter in the middle. Or a bowl of cereal that has five Cheerios and 2 cups of milk. Or crispy bacon that is way overdone. Whatever it is our children make for us, it’s the best breakfast ever! Because it came from them, and it came from their hearts. Gotta celebrate the caring nature our children embody when they make a special meal for us.

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Leena Kollar

Leena Kollar

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