12 Simple Banners To Make With Your Silhouette Or Cricut

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Santa was good to me this year (and by Santa, I mean my husband), and I finally found a Silhouette Cameo under the Christmas tree with my name on it! Once the excitement wore off, the anxiety rolled in. Because have you ever tried to work a craft machine? Not easy, my friends! So I decided to take the maiden voyage of crafting with a simple project- a banner. Using card stock, your craft machine can whip up some pretty amazing shapes for the ultimate in adorable and unique banners to adorn your mantle or wall. I’ve collected a handful to keep me busy for the next few months, and while all of these designs are not free, they are definitely worth their money in cuteness!

Source: TheHappyScraps.com

1. Winter Snowflake Banner

In that small period in between Christmas and Valentine’s, you can embrace your inner Winter with a fun snowflake banner. Cut out snowflakes in white and then back with fun winter themed card stock for a dimensional look that will look great anywhere!

Get all the tips you need to make both this banner and garland over at TheHappyScraps.com!

Source: LiaGriffith.com

2. Love Banner

Looking like it’s cut from lace, this Love banner is the ultimate in romantic banners. Only a craft machine can make such delicate cuts and still come out looking so beautiful. Hang from a silky, satin ribbon and you’re ready for Valentine’s Day!

You can join the LiaGriffith.com membership for only $5 a month and snag your own files to make this craft, and much more.

Source: ASparkleOfGenius.com

3. Shamrock Banner

Not everyone celebrates St. Patrick’s Day, but you can give it the good ole college try with this super simple Shamrock banner. Made by just cutting out tons of shamrocks and then gluing together, you can make it as long or short as possible, and with minimal effort. This is the perfect beginner project!

Head over to ASparkleOfGenius.com to get the easy steps on making your own shamrock banner!

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