9 Tasty Homemade Baby Food Recipes

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When it’s time for your little one to get their first taste of solids foods, making decisions on the types of things they will be eating is very important. While age and development level play huge roles in what you should or shouldn’t feed your baby, where the food comes from and what ingredients it contains are both equally essential factors. Many parents, instead of using store bought food, make their own baby food right at home. The process allows them to be conscientious about exactly what goes into their baby’s food while also being able to save tons of money as well

The process of making all or most of your baby’s food can seem kind of daunting, but it’s typically no more complicated than making a smoothie or putting together your own dinner, here are a few awesome recipes to get you started!


4-6 Months


Source: rasamalaysia.com

1. Sweet Potato Puree

This simple sweet potato puree is as easy as it gets! Simply boiling a chopped and peeled sweet potato with a cup of water creates this perfect puree that is smooth, easy to eat, and baby ready. As another plus, any leftovers can be frozen and easily reheated in the microwave for future meals.

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Source: annabelkarmel.com

2. Pear Puree

I guarantee you’ll be sneaking bites of this deliciously sweet pear puree, yourself, once you get a taste of it! All the recipe requires is two large pears, peeled, cored, and chopped, steamed for about 5 minutes until soft, then pureed in a blender. The recipes is the epitome of “no fuss.”

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Source: chocolateandcarrots.com

3. Carrot Puree

Carrots are an awesome first food to introduce to babies, they are rich in fiber and full of nutrients that help keep little ones happy and healthy. Fresh steamed carrots are softened and pureed with a bit of water to create this simple, slightly sweet puree.

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